Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 6 – The aftermath!

It’s been 6 weeks since Yasmin’s ACL reconstruction. How has she been getting on?

What have you been up to since your operation? 

I can’t believe how much time has gone by already! There have been moments where I have felt a serious case of cabin fever over the past 6 weeks. I have mainly been at home. Looking at the hills and not being able to walk them gets a little tougher each week! Especially as you recover and feel you can do more than you actually can. However, overall it has gone really quickly and I have been told I am going in the right direction.

Yasmin ACLHow has your physio gone?

I forgot to tell you about my first physio appointment. I have now had three – it’s gone so quickly! My first did go well but not exactly as I hoped. The physio told me my flexion was great and I had achieved over the amount expected for my stage of recovery. However my extension was just lagging a little. I needed to make sure I had it completely straight for the next appointment.

Also my quads needed to be worked on more. I could see this myself  – the muscle in my left leg looked so much smaller than my right leg. It was a little frustrating as I expected to be told I could do more now. She didn’t add any more exercises, just told me to use a pillow to push my knee down on as hard as I could and then raise it only if it was completely straight.  I could also try and gently push down just above my knee to help it go straight.

I did exactly what I was told (for once) and worked really hard between my 1stand 2nd appointment and it definitely paid off. During this time my knee felt so much more flexible now that I had achieved full range of movement.

What other exercises did your Physio give you?

Force myself to lie on my front – although it was painful it helped me straighten my leg and from there I could bring my heel up to touch my bum and work on my flexion too. In the morning I would lie across my bed dangling my legs off the end, so the weight of my leg forced my knee straight.  I did this for 10 minutes before anything else and then dedicate an hour or two a day just to knee exercises. I still do this and will continue.

Did these exercises help?

By my second appointment, my swelling had gone massively (my knee looked more like a semi deflated balloon instead of fat inflated one). I had been icing my knee all the time  – I really recommend that as well as elevating it and then working on range of movement.Yasmin Skye ACL Physio

How was your second appointment?

I was given some different exercises.  Finally! This involved bridges, mini squats, leg raises lying on my front. I was also given a wabble board to use and told I could use the stationary bike I have at home. I was so relieved and positive after this appointment. Just in time for a roadtrip to the island of Skye!  A roadtrip!!

How has your knee been since?

It has now been 6 weeks since my operation! Apparently this is the stage where the graft in the knee is most vulnerable. My knee feels really good – especially today actually.

I went for my first bike ride a few days ago – only half a mile, very low resistance and very slow! The next day my knee felt the best it has felt yet.

So what’s next for you?

I have signed up to go to a gym session with other injured people, so we can work with equipment catered to our individual injuries. Thankfully, I also know a ski-specific physio who is going to do a session with me. This will be perfect for me as I need physio that points me in the direction of the slopes in December.

I am positive at the moment but also nervous. I have a sailing job this summer so my knee needs to be in even better shape before then!

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