Choosing your Ski Instructor Course

The decisions you make in the next few weeks or months are going to impact not just how much fun you have on your course but possibly your future career and the work you do. We have done our best to fill this site with all the information you need to choose the best ski instructor course, qualification provider or country for you. We get that you are going to choose just one course, the one that is right for you and we understand it may not be us.

That’s ok, but we do want you to make that decision armed with all the right information.

Every course and company has different strengths and weakness’ each different qualification path will open up different doors and present you with varying opportunities. With over 15 years experience running BASI accredited courses as well as 20 years operating an award-winning ski school no one is better placed to help you understand the huge number of ways is it possible to become a ski instructor. 

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