Thinking about doing an Instructors course but worried about how you will fund it?

If you have been thinking about becoming a ski instructor you are probably aware that although it is an amazingly rewarding job to have, it is not the cheapest of careers to enter into.  With lots of training needed to see you through the pathway and the exams you have to take it can sometimes feel that until you start instructing and earning money, you have a lot of outgoings.  Not everyone that takes our courses comes from the same background and we are aware that to enable some people to take our courses they need to work whilst in resort to help fund their living costs. 

Tom one of our ISIA coaches going through a drill with the team


Depending on what level of the Instructor pathway you are at; whether you are just starting out with your BASI 1 and 2 qualifications,  or you are training towards your ISIA or ISTD, you might be able to find a Work and Train program, which will allow you to train towards your exams whilst also carrying out paid work for a ski school.  This is an amazing way to start earning and building teaching hours, but there are not always enough places on these courses to accommodate everyone, so it is good to have an idea of what other jobs are out there.

Things to bear in mind when looking for a job to run alongside your course


The most important requirement when looking for a job in resort to run alongside your course is to make sure that it is flexible.  We plan training schedules in advance of your arrival in resort but as we go through the season there are always weeks and session times that need to be tweaked.  Being upfront and honest with your employer about the nature of your course will be vital in the success of your course and job working well alongside each other.

Be realistic

Secondly, be realistic about how much work you can fit in and the hours you can work.  One of your main goals for being in resort should be to pass your exams or get the most out of your training as possible so you feel ready to take your exams.  Taking on too much work or working every day until the early hours of the morning will take its toll on your training and energy levels.  Make sure when looking for work you are keeping your main goal at the forefront of your mind.

So what jobs could you be looking for in resort?

Ski Servicing

The majority of training on our Instructors courses taking place during the weekdays ski servicing jobs can fit in quite well.  The busiest time for a ski servicer is at the weekends when there is a huge amount of people leaving and arriving in resort.   Ski shops have to have a quick turn around on getting their skis ready and prepared for the next group of holiday makers that come into rent their kit so they will usually take on more staff to just work at weekends.

A good job to run alongside ISIA and ISTD Training

Transfer Driver

Transfer driver jobs again fit in with holidaymakers’ arrival and departure in resort.  The majority of people arrive and leave on a Saturday and Sunday meaning the companies will have more drivers working for them on these days.  One thing to bear in mind is that transfer days can be long with as many as three trips back and forth to the airport.  It is best to make your employer aware that you are likely to have some weeks when you have training first thing on a Monday morning so late transfers on a Sunday are best avoided.

Transfers, A great weekend job option

Photo credit: Snowbound Transfers

Bar and Restaurant Work

Evening work and weekend work in bars and restaurants can sometimes work well but again, remember to be realistic.  You do not want to jeopardise the quality of your training sessions through lack or energy and sleep from working late each night.

Bar and Restaurant work vcan be good if the hours are flexible


Sales Reps

Many ski schools within resorts will have a sales team that visit chalets at the weekends when holidaymakers have arrived in resort, usually in the evenings.  The sales team’s job will be to chat to holidaymakers about the products that the ski school offer and find the most suitable product to match their needs.  In larger resorts there are many chalets to visit of an evening so ski schools will generally have a few sales reps in each of their sales teams.  The best thing about this job is that you are paid to socialise!


Although the majority of training on our Instructor courses takes place at the weekend, it is still key to remember that the work needs to be flexible.  There may be the odd day when it is unavoidable to schedule training on a Saturday or Sunday and we always try to give you lots of notice of this, but having an employer that understands and is flexible can really make a difference.

To take a look at the jobs that New Gen have on offer for next winter, to see if they will fit in with the courses you are looking at CLICK HERE.