Doing a 10 or 11 week residential course is not cheap – but we believe it’s worth it. Everything you need and more is packed in to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, without compromising quality.

We know it’s not a realistic option for everyone – if you’re in this position, you might wish to consider doing your Level 1 in the UK and taking a shorter course in the winter to acheive your Level 2. This will reduce your costs but you won’t have the benefit of continuous training in the mountains or having all the modules organised for you, so it’s worth weighing up before you choose.

Would you consider taking your Level 1 in the UK?

Taking your Level 1 exam in the UK is relatively simple – you must complete the following 6 steps;

  1. Gain Associate BASI Membership
  2. BASI Level 1 Exam
  3. Outdoor First Aid Certificate
  4. Child Protection Module
  5. Criminal Record Disclosure
  6. 35 Hours of Ski School Shadowing

As you can see, it’s more than just one exam. This is why many people choose to take integrated BASI 1 & 2 courses, as New Gen organises all of the above on your behalf. However, if this is the best option for you, here is how you can complete all of the above steps.

1. Gain Associate BASI Membership

To book your first BASI exam, you must first become a BASI Associate Member. This is really easy – you can either create your own account online here, or create an account when booking the BASI Level 1 Exam.

BASI Membership also gives you access to a number of membership deals, including Atomic, Salomon, Ortovox, Jet2 and Planks.

2. The BASI Level 1 Exam

The BASI Level 1 exam is a 5-day continuous assessment. This can be taken in a UK snow-dome, on a dry slope or in a ski resort. You can find more details on the exam itself here.
You can find all BASI Level 1 exams in the UK and beyond here on the BASI website. Please note courses are confirmed or cancelled 6 weeks in advance, so don’t leave booking to the last minute!

If you live near Manchester or London, why not join us for pre-exam training during our Open Days or BASI Level 1 Prep Days?

3. First Aid

As we work predominately in an outdoor environment, BASI requires all First Aid qualifications to reflect this. Therefore courses should include an outdoor element: tuition on how certain environments and conditions can affect a casualty.

For your qualification to be recognised, the course you choose must be 12 hours long over 2 days, and include that outdoor element. You can find more information on BASI‘s page here.

On that page is a list of courses run by BASI which you may choose to book on to. However you are not restricted to these options. Companies such as BASP (British Association of Ski Patrollers) also run recognised courses. If you do book with another provider though, do make sure that the course is recognised by BASI.

 4. Child Protection Module

You will be qualified to teach children and adults once you have gained the BASI Level 1. As instructors, we have an obligation to protect the children in our care, and promote their welfare.

All instructors are therefore required to take an online module educating them on the signs of abuse, and the steps to take should you consider a child to be in danger. BASI does have their own module you can take here. We use World Class Training’s Child Protection Module for our courses as it is specific to the ski industry.

5. Criminal Record Disclosure

A Criminal Record Disclosure (also referred to as a CRB or DBS) is a certificate from your countries Government listing any criminal convictions you have on your record. As you will be working with children, this is another essential step. It is however, very easy to obtain one.
We use the Scottish Disclosure Service as it is a bit faster and cheaper than the UK system. It is really easy to apply for one, and it should be with you 2-3 weeks from submitting the request.

If you are from outside the UK you will need to look into the relevant equivalence for your country.  You can look for advice on the BASI website here.

6. 35 Hours Ski School Shadowing

Once you’ve completed your exam you need to undertake 35 hours of shadowing. BASI has a great explanation of the shadowing requirements here, but any work with a ski school will count (boot fitting, ticketing, anything!). If you’d like to shadow our instructors, email us at and we’ll organise this for you for free.

As soon as they are completed and signed for (using this document) you can scan a copy to

If you’ve followed all of the above steps, this will complete your Level qualification and your BASI Level 1 licence will be issued. Congratulations, you’re now a ski instructor!


The next step is BASI Level 2 – so why not join us in Tignes on our Fast Track BASI 2 course to get yourself ready?

If you have any questions about the above, or want to know a bit more, simply get in touch. We’re always happy to help.