What do you really need for a New Generation Ski Season?

If you’re heading out for your first ski season this winter (and what a cracker it’s shaping up to be) then no doubt you’re figuring out exactly how you should best use your 23kg luggage allowance. Whether you are coming for a New Generation BASI level 1 & 2 Ski instructor course or another of our BASI Courses we can offer some sound advice on what Ski Season Essentials you will need for a winter of fun skiing in the Alps.

Ski season packing - a full trolley!

Ski season packing – a full trolley!

These might not be the first things you think of when packing for a Ski Season but here at New Generation we have a vast array of experience and have clubbed together to come up with, what we think is, an essential Ski Season list of must haves. Our ski essentials list may not be glamorous but it will save you time, money and possibly your life so it’s definitely worth a read!

First up – New Generation Ski Season Essentials:

For your Ski Aches and Pains – Vitamins and Paracetomol

Seriously expensive in local French and Swiss pharmacies, stock up on boxes of painkillers in the UK. Helpful for easing achy legs post powder adventures and getting you through the morning after the night before.

Multi plug extension lead

Plug socket extension leads - essential for a winter season

Multi plug extension leads – your new best friend

These are pretty much the black market currency in winter resorts. You have no idea how much you’re going to use this.

A cheap nokia handset – Leave the iphone at home!

You can’t use an iPhone in ski mitts. Don’t even try. And it’ll end up in a snowdrift by the end of your first week anyway. Get an unlocked cheap handset and pop a local PAYG sim card in when you get out to resort. Free do a good deal in France.

A watch – Preferably snow and waterproof

Whether you’re working shifts in a bookings office, timing your turkey or must not be late after a full day of skiing on the slopes, you can’t rely on your phone (see above). We love Casio(a snip at £8.99 from Argos, and totally rocking that retro feel PLUS IT’S WATER RESISTANT – whatever that means).

Your Ski Season Safety

Avalanche kit

The Mammut Pulse Barryvox Transceiver

The Mammut Pulse Barryvox Transceiver – literally life saving

Don’t be deterred by the cost; a decent Avalanche Kit including: tranceiver, probe and shovel are the difference between life and death. Literally. Learn how to use ‘em (we do great seasonnaire starter sessions for free) and then practice with your friends.

EHIC card – European Health Insurance Card

Get one here. Lets you get state healthcare at a reduced price or for free. Don’t forget to take it with you if you need to see a doctor – and useful to keep it on you with your lift pass when you’re skiing.

Ski Season Insurance

You must have this and we can suggest BASI, Ensleigh, Trailfinders, BMC – we’ve a wee guide on our new, New Generation Instructor Courses website. Again, I keep a small print out with me in my ski pocket; super useful for your friends to know if you find yourself attached to a ski cannon.

Useful Ski related stuff… If you can fit them in

Penknife – great for mid mountain binding fixing
Hard drive – chocca with films and music for those lazy days out of the snow and off the hill
Speakers – essential for chalet cleans / impromptu parties
A torch – you might get invited along to a refuge. Definitely easier to find in the dark with one of these – better still, get a headtorch.
Dry shampoo – Just trust us on this
A lot of bobble hats
Ski servicing kit
Thermals – get them from Sports Direct – they have a half price sale on now and you can get leggings / tops from £6.
Passport photos – take a couple with you. You always seem to need them for lift passes or seasonnaire discount cards.

Take a closer look at all our GAP Preparation suggestions on our new, New Generation Instructor Courses website.

What might you need for your Ski Season job?

Working in a bookings office?

Slippers – chalet / office etiquette to take off your snowy boots indoors; essential for keeping socks dry and toes warm under desks.
Tea – it’s monstrous on the other side of the channel.
Dairy milk chocolate – useful if you need to bribe ski instructors / transfer drivers / maintenance men / physios.

Working in a Ski chalet?

>Decent knife – will, literally, halve your time in the kitchen.
Electric whisk – ditto
Flat pack kitchen scales – cheapest one we can find is Argos again at £6.99. If you fancy a slightly more accurate method of measurement than a yoghurt pot (I’m not kidding).

Working in a bar?

Ear plugs  – not for the live music nights (actually, maybe not a bad shout…) but because no doubt you’ll be in bunk beds in shared accommodation, and there are some noises we’d all rather not hear.
Hand moisturiser – your hands will be dried and chapped to bits in a matter of days after the pre-season scrub down, and then nightly table bleaching. Plus any cuts seem to take waaaay longer to heal at the top of the mountains.

And don’t take on a Ski Season

We know that you wont have any room left in your suite case but just incase you are considering removing some of your ski essentials, to bring some of your favourite things on your Ski season, our New Generation team and past Seasonnaires will categorically tell you not to bring:
High heels / uggs / wellies. Get a pair of proper snow boots instead (think Timberland or Sorel).

Check out our New Generation Instructor Courses website to find out more about the Ski Season Essentials, or Contact us direct to chat more about your Ski Season.