BASI Level 3 Training – ISIA

If you already have your BASI Level 2 and want to start your BASI Level 3 training, then these are the courses for you. Here at New generation we firmly believe that there is no right way to become a ski instructor and there are many ways to tackle the BASI Level 3. Every trainee requires something slightly different and we have designed all of our courses using this knowledge to ensure there is always one that is right for you. One thing all of our courses share is our belief that good skiing is about performance, not criteria. You achieve performance by doing a few things well, and when you do this you automatically reach the level.

Our BASI Level 3 ISIA training programmes are designed and delivered by members of our Tech Team which includes BASI trainers, Eurotest openers and Interski demo team members. When aiming to perform at the level required for ISIA we strongly believe that how you prepare your mind and body can be just as important as your skiing. So as well as focused on snow ISIA training sessions, we provide our trainees with off-season training programmes, psychological preparation, in-resort injury prevention and recovery sessions.

If you are confused by what the BASI Level 3 involves, see our Insiders Guide or the BASI website.

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