Kasper Kirketerp

St Anton Mentor

Current Qualifications:

  • Level 4 Full Cert Ski Instructor
  • Danish Trainer


  • English
  • German
  • Danish

Get to know Kasper

Kasper works for SkiLab Ski Academy and is a trainer on our St Anton ISIA & Full Cert courses which is in association with SkiLab Ski Academy. Kasper doesn’t teach ordinary clients for New Generation, he just mentors our training teams.

Kasper has knowledge of various different ski systems after training in France for Euro Ski pro, and is now a Euro Trainer in the Danish Ski School.

He has been in the Alps for over 7 seasons and is heavily involved in Oure Schools’ Ski Academy in Alpe d’Huez. Kasper also studied at the University of Copenhagen and gained a master’s degree in Human Physiology.

  • Courchevel Performance & Adventure Course

What motivates you to get on your skis?

I always strive to improve my skiing and teaching skills, and I feel like I can connect a lot of the knowledge gained at university to what we do on the hill as ski instructors.

I like to ski with other people who share a passion for the sport, and that’s a big part of my motivation to work as a coach and instructor.

Kasper Kirketerp

I love skiing, and almost everything in my life has revolved around skiing for the past ten years.

What do you do after winter?

Since finishing my studies, I ski all year round on the glacier, training students and helping others finish their ski instructor training. I also like to keep fit!

Highlights from last season:

Last season my business partner Mads was the mentor, and I focused on SkiLab clients. But this year I’m also mentoring so I’m looking forward to another winter of training and working hard towards exams.