How to become a ski instructor: The 2nd Discipline

As you embark on you BASI level 3 or ISIA qualification it is easy to get super focused on your technical ISIA training and the big two exams and forget about some of the smaller modules. Modules such as the 2nd language, coaching course and 2nd discipline can be easily ticked off during the summer at one of the many UK snow domes.

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Being organised and getting as many of these slightly less stressful exams done prior to heading out to the alps as you can will help you manage your finances and focus your training during the season. The last thing you want to be doing is missing a weeks ISIA training to practise falling leaf on the nursery slope.

So what should you expect from your 2nd discipline exam? Well for the most part it will follow the same structure as your ski or snowboard level 1. You will be expected to demonstrate progressions of the central theme or equivalent as well as show an ability to plan and deliver effective lessons. You should have no issue with the lesson planning or delivery part so just make sure you are clear on the progressions with in the discipline you choose and you should be fine.
The adaptive qualifcation will be a great addition to your ISIA ski instructor qualification

How good do I need to be?

If you are choosing snowboarding, telemark or nordic as your 2nd discipline then you will need to make sure you reach the minimum recommended level to sit these exams. Think about how good you were when you sat your level 1. However if you have chosen adaptive then you are not expected to have much if any prior experience of teaching or ski with a disability. We strongly recommend though that you spend time reading about and understanding the impacts of different disabilities. The adaptive course is incredibly rewarding, and a great option as a 2nd discipline that fits really well with your other exams and training.

Are any 2nd disciplines more valuable than others?

Having any 2nd discipline will make you more employable to a ski school. The big 2 activities in ski resorts are of course skiing and snowboarding. This means that being qualified to teach both will make you more valuable to most schools on a daily basis. However many of our instructors make the choice to just focus on teaching one discipline and often reach the point that they do not want to teach their 2nd discipline. With that in mind we recommend doing something you enjoy. This way you are far more likely to want to teach it and continue your development.

BASI Courses UK - The Chill Factore in Manchester if the perfect location to start your BASI Level 1 training

In short

The key thing is to get this done and out of the way during the summer. It is one less thing to worry about in the winter and lets you focus on the key exams. All the options are great snowboarding will probably get you the most work but the adaptive course will be one of the most rewarding and won’t require days and weeks of practising before hand.