We are among the lucky few who truly love what they do, part of the handful of people who look forward to another day in the office. However not everyone is as lucky and we want to be able to share with you the resources, experiences and people who inspired us to do something a little less ordinary and who continually inspire us to question what we do and how we do it.

The video below was something that really spoke to us as a brand and confirmed that we were moving in the right direction.

David Hieatt is the founder of Huit Denim and the co founder of the Do Lectures.

Huit Denim is as the name suggests a jeans company, and thats it, nothing else…well thats not quite true. They don’t make anything else just jeans but once you peel away the layers you will find they do a lot more. While what Huit do is quite simple, how and why they do it help them stand out from the crowd and mean that when those people go to work they are not just making jeans they are creating and changing something much bigger.


The Huit website is well worth an explore from exciting and different ideas about a history tag for jeans to information about what is inspiring them it may help you understand your why and have a better chance of climbing the right mountain. You can also buy really nice jeans.

Once you have worked out your why then make sure you have a look at the Do lectures to help you make it happen. From incredible books to events in the capital and a selection of videos from industry leaders it is a great resource and inspiration for any one looking to do something new.

Both Huit Denim and Do lectures also have some amazing content on twitter.

We know it has nothing to do with becoming a ski instructor but that is just what we do.