Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Session 20 The re-test

Session 20 is here and with it the final workout of our first block of our first Fitness for Ski Instructor Training programme. A little over 2 months ago we challenged you to complete a series of fitness tests. After a couple of months and 19 training sessions we feel that today is the time to do them again. So dig out your old scores and get ready to go at it.

The Warm up – Ton up

You should be warm after that. If you are unsure on an exercise click the name for a link

The Tests

A 500m Row – Try and use a concept 2 rower, you can set the resistance at whatever level you want. It works like bike gears the higher the resistance the further you will go with each pull the lower the resistance the less distance you will travel. Big strong heavy athletes normally benefit from a higher resistance and slower more powerful strokes. If you are light and not as strong you may benefit from using a lower resistance and aiming for a higher stroke rate.

Rest 10 Minutes

Max Effort Plank Hold – Do a plank and hold it for as long as possible

Rest 5 Minutes

Max height Vertical Jump – See this video for details on how to test.

Rest 5 minutes

As many 10 inch box jump overs as possible in 1 Minute – This is a box jump over(10 inches is a lot lower than in this video)

Rest 10 Minutes

Complete as many strict pull ups as you can before you have to let go of the bar and drop to the ground. A strict pull up is as follows.

Rest 5 Minutes

Max Length Broad Jump – See this video for details on how to test.

Rest 5 Minutes

Run a 1.5 Miles as fast as you can.

Cool Down

10 Minutes of Low intensity steady state (LISS) – 10 minutes of cycling(spinning), Rowing, jogging, swimming and so forth. Aim to keep heart rate between 120 and 140 BPM

Active stretch and foam roll.