Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Session 2 3/6/15

Welcome to session 2. Todays work out does include include any heavy weights or barbells and instead our focus today is on conditioning. The aim of these sessions is to allow you to eventually maintain a higher level of performance for longer. It will suck now but at the end of a BASI exam when you are going back through the bumps for the 15th time in a row you will be glad you did it. Take time to read through the workout carefully prior to completing it, the majority of exercises today will be completed as part of a circuit so make sure you are clear on what it is you need to do prior to starting.

Circuit – A series of exercises performed in a routine with strict instructions on when and for how long you should rest.

Round – Each time you complete all of the exercises in a circuit is known as a round. You may be asked to complete 1 round which is just once through each exercise of 10 rounds depending on how mean your coach is feeling.

Aim of Session: Conditioning

Warm Up – Ton up

Upon completion perform a selection of dynamic stretches relevant to the sessions work.

Main Resistance Training

Perform the 3 Exercises listed below for the prescribed number of reps as a circuit. Complete 5 rounds and only allow yourself to rest for 60 seconds between each round. Do not rest between sets or reps.


5 x Dumbell Snatch each arm

5 x Dumbell swing

10 x Burpees

Rest 60 Seconds. Repeat

The Exercises  – The Technique and how many reps

Dumbell Snatch  – Perform 5 Reps on each arm per round.

How to perform a dumbbell snatch. Dumbbell snatches are a great way to improve pwerful extension of the hip used in skiing

Dumbell Swing – Perform 5 reps per round.

Dumbell swing demo. A great exercise to improve fitness for skiing

Burpees – Perform 10 per round.



Core Stability

Perform 3-5 rounds of the following circuit or exercises with no rest.

Wheel Roll – Perform 15 Reps – See this video for technique

V-Ups – Perform 15 reps – See this video for technique

Supermans – Perform 15 reps – See this video for technique

Saxon Side Bends – Perform 6 reps each side – See this video for technique


Perform a plank to failure. Record your time.

Cool down.

All over stretch and foam roll.