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5 Skiing Instagrams You Need To Follow

What does instagram mean to you? For some, it's a place to find inspiration, allowing you to follow your idols and watch them grow. They can drip-feed advice and provide a valuable source of motivation when you're training, working as an instructor…
Train2Ski Banner for ski fitness

Introducing Train2Ski – Our Fitness Training Partner

Have you ever done a ski training program? Been to a class or read an article in a ski mag on training for skiing? Everyone wants the “Bells and Whistles” and people need to sell magazines - but this isn’t the most effective way to train.
Skiing the Atlas mountains in June

Surprising places you can ski in June

The winter is over, and unless you're headed down south to Oz, New Zealand or South America, the next hit of snow is a good 7 months away. Yet it is actually possible to hit the pistes in the inter-season! Check out these amazing venues for your post-season blues pick me up.
Ski Touring Adventures
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Skiing Wild Snow

Why are more and more people choosing to earn their turns? Walking uphill can be hard work, so why not just buy a lift pass and go skiing? Here are a few reasons to go out and enjoy a ski-tour.
Euro Speed Test
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The Eurotest – Passing the Ultimate Challenge

Often seen as the ultimate test faced by trainee ski instructors the Euro Speed Test or Eurotest is the nemesis of many. But what is it? What makes it so difficult and how does it feel to pass?
Pendle to Kitzbühel Dave Ryding Skier

Dave Ryding – ‘The Rocket’ of British Skiing

Dave ‘The Rocket’ Ryding has won both our hearts and a podium position on this years world cup circuit. This is no mean feat for a Brit who began his career on the grassy heights of the Pendle Dry Slope, so how did ‘The Rocket’ charge his way to the top and what could this mean for the future of British skiing.
Eddie the Eagle 1988 Ski Jumping

A History of Skiing

Have you ever gotten on a chairlift, and looked down at your dangling skis only to think; How weird is this?!
Yasmin Highlands ACL Dog

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 5 – The ACL operation

Yasmin's ACL tore in March this year, and she's staying strong. She's had her knee reconstructed and now it's time for the ACL op...

What is inspiring us? – PolePlant

It isn't often that ski poles makes an impact in the ski world, but Poleplant are an exception. With their sustainable and environmental focus, they are a forward-thinking brand and a hit with many of New Generation's instructors! We sat founder…
Yasmin Basan ACL Injury Recovery Feb16

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 4 – A torn ACL and an operation

Yasmin is back in the UK to get the news about her knee - and she faces a torn ACL and two operations. Will it be worth it?