BASI Level 4 (ISTD) Exam

BASI Level 4 (ISTD) is the final hurdle before coming fully qualified. The Alpine Level 4 is split up into 10 modules which all need to be completed before gaining your licence to teach at the highest level, anywhere in the world. The BASI…

Who are BASI?

Who are BASI and what do they do is a question we are asked on a regular basis by students and parents of students embarking on their journeys to become ski instructors. Understanding who BASI are and what they do is key if you are going to…

5 Things I Wish I Had Known

When you are focussed on becoming a ski instructor; you are usually thinking about passing your exams above anything else! However, there are many aspects to being successful in the snowsports industry. When you are a new instructor, you are…
Gap Year in the Utah Mountains

What Employers Really Think of Your Gap Year

It's that time of year - exams are over and the wait begins. The big question on everyone's lips is: what next? Do I go to Uni, find a job or take a gap year? Are gap years worth it? Many people get caught in the trap of thinking "if I don't…
The old fashioned chairlifts on the tignes glacier
A mountainscape
Two skiers watch a competition in Stubai

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