How to choose your Course

From BASI 1 right though to BASI 4 our unique training pathway has ski instructor courses for every one. There is no right way to become a ski instructor just the right way for you. If you are unsure on what you would like then contact us and will do our best to help.

Life as a Ski Instructor

Few people have an opportunity to turn what they love into the thing they do every day and get paid for it. We work at all levels of the BASI system and strive to make this possible for all our students. Why not have a look at what our students past and present are up too.

Preparing for your course?

What you do before attending any of our ski instructor courses can be as important as what you do on the course itself. From having the right kit to be physically fit everything plays a part. Why not have a look at our blog for ski training programmes and gear reviews.

Welcome to the New Generation Ski Instructor Courses Community. New Generation have over 10 years of experience training ski instructors and the Ski instructor training programs at New Gen are a huge part of who we are. Our aim is to train instructors who will eventually make up our instructor teams across Europe. The changes that have been made to our courses have meant that the courses we are offering give instructors more support to progress through the instructor pathway. We also hope to inspire people to make changes that will help them to live a better life, whether that is in the instructor industry or elsewhere. As well as a ski instructor training centre New Generation are a fully functional ski school and this is what makes us truly unique. As well as being able to deliver every element of our training in house we are also uniquely positioned to be able to continue working with students once they are qualified. We have several members of the team who joined us for a gap course and have stayed ever since, some have even helped us open up new ski schools in new resorts while others are now delivering the very courses that started their careers.

New Generation in Action

Fancy a Ski GAP Season?

GAP Open day fun!

Train in Verbier

It’s not all hard work!