Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 3 – “Obstacles are Temporary”

ISIA student Yasmin’s 3rd entry as she starts the journey home and reflects on her season past.

March 7th was the day my BASI Level 3 Teach exam was supposed to commence. Very Frustrating.

I woke up that morning quite early as the sunlight gleamed through my bedroom window. It was bluebird!!!  Must not get down Yaz. Take a deep breath and go and make cup of tea. Okay, I could still go up the mountain, nothing was stopping me doing that. I just had to join the Russians in the bubble who only go up the mountain for lunching. I wanted to get to the very top and see the panoramic view in the glorious sunshine. I hadn’t been that high since the day of the tumble.

With music in my ears to put me in a good mood, I hovered in the bubble over all the skiers prancing away on the reflecting pistes. As the doors opened and I hobbled onto the snow a grin lit up my face from ear to ear. I think in my head this is why I do winter seasons. This is why I would never choose to be in an office. And this is why I will be fighting through recovery to get back to this in 8 months time.Yasmin at the summit of Saulire

I found a deck chair outside a little café on top of the summit – from here you can either ski into Courchevel or Meribel and it’s the highest point a lift will take you to. Although the sun was beaming, the air was still nippy so I dashed (well again, I’ll clarify – it was more of a cautious yet desperate limp) for a Chocolat Chaud. Back to my deck chair I went and plonked myself down. Ahhh, this is great. I was happy. Hey, you need to find the simple things in life that make you happy – you may need these things more than you think.

March 11th – Woohhhooo and hell yeaaah! I just got off the phone with the examiner who passed me on my French. Such a good feeling when you know the work you have put in has paid off. I’d like to say a massive thank you to my French teacher who has helped me improve my French so much and has now become a friend of mine!

I only have one day left until I go home now, at least I can come home feeling like I have achieved something I’m very happy. I am not going to stop either. Through the summer I am going to try and continue with the French and then next season I plan to be back in Verbier where I can use it. I’m so excited to train again!

Yoga with Sarah Sims

I really can’t wait. I think when something happens to you that set’s you a little back and is an obstacle for your goals, you have to remember it’s temporary and there are some people who will never manage to ski in their lives or have the experiences I am having. I feel like I am heading into these next however many months with a positive attitude and I will try and maintain this although it may be tough.

I think this will be my last post in France. I will start posting again once I’m home and can give you some news on my Knee and what my next step is. For now I’d like to thank all the people that have helped keep me sane over these past 2 weeks. I have really appreciated all the positivity, its so motivating for me.

There are still so many things I can participate in they just can’t be high impact and running and skiing can be like a gift to me after rehabilitation. Good luck to the whole training group who will be sitting their level 3 exams shortly! Goodbye for now Courchevel… back to the Scottish highlands and my wonderful family who can give me lots of attention (for the first few days at least).


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