Summer involves lots of planning, scheduling, selling and other off-snow activities. Each year, we try to improve the training we provide at the New Generation Verbier Ski instructor training center.

For example, this year we’ve saved trees by getting rid of the old paper folders. Instead, in-house New Generation candidates are provided with a tablet pre-loaded with lots of New Generation resources. We’ve gotten bigger – lots more gap students with a very nice chalet. The level 4 training has expanded to three groups and more than 200 hours of training.

The Verbier BASI level 4 Ski Instructor training team

All that is great. For me, however, the fun starts now. This week it’s all kicking off! We’ve got two gap groups going out with Andy Hind for their first sessions on snow – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This year we have decided that rather than training in one group of 10 we will train in far smaller groups of 5. Time’s short before the level 1 exam: a mere two weeks of training. I’ve just returned from a meeting in their chalet and it appears to be a good mix of students. I’m convinced Andy will get great results.

Andy Hind putting our BASI level 1 & 2 students through their paces

I’m also quite jealous of the chalet, as my apartment for the season has no bed in the “bedroom”…

Tom and myself are taking out three level 4 training groups this week. We have a group of returning candidates from last year, who are working for us during peak weeks. We have a second group who are new to us this year and that will also work for us during peak weeks. We have a third group – for the first time – comprised of candidates who will train with us, but not work for us. Some of these work for other ski schools in Verbier.

Video feedback for the BASI level 4 team

The mountains are white, lifts are running and our legs are itching to get going!