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What’s Next After A Ski Instructor Course?

ski instructor training

With the sun beginning to shine and spring just around the corning our instructor courses are drawing to and end. So what’s next for our trainees after their courses finish? There are so many options of how to move forward with your all important qualification in hand.

This Season

While many of our training are drawing to an end the season is far from over. With the Easter holidays fast approaching there are lots of opportunities to use your new qualifications (BASI 2 or 3) straight away and be paid to teach skiing.

If you have been training for your BASI 2 in France then this will mean a resort swap heading to pastures new in Italy, Switzerland or Austria. There are many schools who offer accommodation packages as part of your pay so heading abroad might be easier than you had thought. Wherever you go you are likely to be teaching children on their holidays – a dreamy job in the spring sunshine and sure to give you a good laugh. To see what our instructors love most about their jobs and to get a taste of what you could be doing check out this blog

Summer Skiing

Ski Training Group

If you have not had enough of the winter then why wait until next season to get back on the slopes? Many instructors head to the southern hemisphere for a year of endless winter. With your BASI 2 or 3 you can teach in Australia or New Zealand meaning you can get a whole season of teaching under your belt. And if you are picturing a Game of Thrones style endless winter then fear not! You can always stop off for a tropical holiday on your way there (and back) to make sure you get your hit of Vitamin D. You can read more about summer skiing opportunities here

Working in the UK

With new snow-domes across the UK and dry slopes still going strong there are a surprising amount of opportunities to instruct in the UK. Whilst the BASI Level 2 is above the minimum level required to work in the UK, you may find yourself one of the highest qualified, pushing you up the priority list. Full time work is rare but in busy periods and weekends instructing can be a fun way to get experience, put your skills into practice and make some money while you at it.

Working Holidays

Another part time option is to use your qualification to come back to the European mountains in for blocks throughout the season. This is a great option for people going on to University and can be a good way to make some cash and get your ski fix on a student budget. Most of the work tends to be during the school holidays when families flock to the alps and many ski schools are looking for extra instructors.

Ski Instructor GroupContinue To Train

If you have been bitten by the instructor bug and want to continue training then your options are endless. As you already hold a qualification you can now choose between intensive train only programmes or work and train options. As New Gen are a ski school as well as instructor training centre we run these programmes in house. This means you can work for us while you train – whether this is heading to Austria for our Level 3 Work and Train in St Anton or joining our Level 4 Training Team in Verbier.

It is a big jump from BASI 2 to 3 and there is no one right way to make the transition – this means you can tailor your journey in a way that suits you.


If you are unsure of where to go next or would like advice or jobs or training options then we are always happy to help – your courses may be over but we still love to hear from you. Get in touch here.