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What Makes Our Courses Special?

If you’re looking for a ski instructor course, you’re probably in one of two camps. You either know exactly who you want to do a course with, or you have seen so many courses, your head is spinning. Don’t worry, we know how complicated it can be.

So instead of comparing like for like, we thought we’d cut straight to the point and let you know exactly what it is that makes New Gen stand out.


We’re Not Just A Training Provider

Only a handful of gap course providers are actually ski schools. Most are essentially booking companies who outsource the ski training to a ski school. In contrast, we have our own trainers, and the ski school and training course instructors are the same. Their knowledge of how to teach clients to ski is fresh in their minds, so they can pass on this valuable experience to you. You’ll even get to shadow our instructors during the course and see it first hand.

Plus, our trainees come first. We schedule the training ahead of the winter starting, and only change it for the weather. We won’t suddenly change the schedule to prioritise ski school lessons. That’s probably why we can fit in more training hours than other ski schools – a whopping 350+ in total on snow!

Ski School

Safety Comes First

Having been in the ski industry for two decades, New Generation know what skills are important for trainees, and which ones are the most fun! Off-piste skiing is bliss – floating over powder is what we dream of. So we make it a priority to teach you how to enjoy it too, and stay safe whilst doing it. That’s why we provide Ortovox Avalanche Kits for you to keep, so you can enjoy it even after the course is done.


Our Community Values Mean A Lot

Here at New Generation we have six key values we try to work and live by; we try to be Honest, Supportive, Open, Fun, Fair and Passionate. And we pass those on to you, by making sure our courses are the very best they can be. For us, these courses are about building you up to be the best instructor you can possibly be. It’s not a sausage factory producing hundreds of instructors every year – we know everyone’s names and you become part of our resort team. We’re immensely proud of our skiing and the values we share, so it makes us happy to help you succeed. You could be part of the next generation of New Generation!


There Are No Hidden Costs

Following on from our values above, we never keep costs hidden. It would be rubbish to turn up in resort and find out you have to pay more on top of the course fee! We include as much as we can in the course, including everything you need to become a qualified BASI Level 2 instructor. The only things you have to pay for is your flight to the local airport (Geneva or Innsbruck) and your ski insurance.

Verbier gap students hugging on the piste


We Don’t Promise Work

For a very good reason. Many companies promise work, but 99% of the time they’re promising you an interview with a ski school. So the ski school will interview you for a job, but if they don’t need you, they will just say no. We prefer to be open and honest, so never promise this.

But we can tell you that every student who has wanted to work after our courses has managed to find work with the support of our mentors and our dedicated careers seminars and cv writing sessions. Plus, we’ve got plenty of contacts in the ski community! We’d prefer to work with you one-on-one and find the best fit for you.


We hope that was a good summary of what means the most to us, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always happy to chat and promise to be honest and supportive. Getting the right course is a fine art, but we’re pretty good at it!

Get in touch and see where New Generation could take you.