What’s new on our 2015/16 3 Valley ski instructor courses?

The final update on changes to our 2015/2016 ski instructor courses is all about the 3 Valleys a place that will always be our spiritual home. Our BASI Level 1 & 2 ski instructor courses here are where it all began and have created more instructors than any other programme.

The 3 Valleys BASI 1 & 2 ski instructor courses remain at the heart of our ski school. Based with in a stones throw of our head french office and in the same resorts that our company directors still teach in there are very few better opportunities to make an impression on the people that really count.

The 3 Valleys is widely accepted as one of the worlds best and biggest ski areas. It is primarily renowned for its incredible piste skiing which is perfect for ski instructor training as you do spend a good amount of time working on piste performance. However the other benefit of the area being so well known for piste skiing is that the massive amount of amazing off piste terrain available stays a very well hidden secret. Unlike Val D’Isere and Verbier it is possible to still ski completely fresh tracks in the 3 Valleys 3 or 4 days after fresh snowfall with out needing to be a member of the FWT to make it possible. From tree runs to massive open powder faces there really is incredible off piste terrain for everyone. If you do not believe me check out this edit from our friends at the Bootlab.

For our 2015/2016 3 Valleys ski instructor courses our students will again receive full area full season ski passes meaning that you are not limited by the individual ski area with in the 3 Valleys or by the duration of the course giving you more time than you could ever need to explore everything the ski area has to offer.

A few things though are different from last year and here is why.

For the 2015/2016 3 Valley ski instructor courses we are reducing our maximum group size from training groups of 10 to training groups of 8. Historically ourselves and all other ski instructor training providers have used groups of 10 when training at this level. The main reason for this has always been that BASI exams for levels 1 and 2 were and still are run in groups of 10. However after looking carefully at the programme we strongly feel that smaller more personal groups will allow better progression on the course and outweigh the benefits of training in the same group size as you sit your exams.

With a variety of BASI trainers working as part of our ski school students will also be undergoing mock exams and assessments so they know exactly what they need to improve.

Becoming a ski instructor takes time

In addition to the smallest training groups on a course of this type our 2015/2016 BASI level 1 & 2 ski instructor training courses are going to be the first in France to include language lessons. Over the past few years as the landscape of ski instruction has changed a 2nd language has rapidly become a major influencing factor in our recruitment of instructors. As well as being a huge influencing factor in our recruitment a 2nd language is also a vital life skill in a world where international business and transactions are becoming a very routine part of life.

We will be offering a variety of different levels to suit all needs and working with the local community to help hone these skills.

As well as our BASI level 1 & 2 ski instructor courses in the 3 Valleys we have an ISIA or Level 3 training programme. The students from both programmes come together at different points during the course to aid there development.

As well as there main course mentor and coach each student will receive a buddy from the ISIA programme. When not training with their coach the students are set tasks and challenges to complete withe the support of their buddy. These tasks are designed to focus on any of their weakest areas with the support of some one who has already achieved the same goal the year before.

How to become a ski instructor

Having the ISIA and BASI 1 & 2 training programmes running simultaneously means that in their free time the BASI 1 & 2 students are able to ski with the ISIA trainees and continuously push themselves to their limits. This development is a key part of the course and it is easy to see who has taken advantage of it.

As always our students will be staying as a team in chalet style accommodation. There is only ever 2 per room with no bunk beds and while most rooms are ensuite in some cases we do have a maximum of 3 sharing a bathroom. The course is full catered by Ski Bluebird and students receive Breakfast 7 days a week and Lunch, Afternoon Tea and a 2 course dinner for 6 days a week.

Make sure you are insured for everything

Over the years we have come to recognise just how important where students live and what they eat is. Being able to keep energy levels high by means of an athletes diet and a good nights sleep makes all the difference on the hill.

To talk to one of our team about this or any of our ski instructor courses please email us on instructorcourses@skinewgen.com or call us on 08447704733. Alternatively you can fill in the form below.

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