Our Verbier BASI 1 and 2 students 2015/16

My name is Emma and I have been working as part of the New Generation Instructor Courses Team for the past 4 years. As you can imagine, lots has changed since I joined the team back in winter 2012/13 and it has been great to be a part of how the courses have evolved and developed.

The Ski instructor training programs at New Gen are a huge part of who we are. Our aim is to train instructors who will eventually make up our instructor teams around France and Switzerland. The changes that have been made to our courses have meant that the courses we are offering give instructors more support to progress through the instructor pathway. We also hope to inspire people to make changes that will help them to live a better life, whether that is in the instructor industry or elsewhere.

Over the past few years we have tried to develop more new courses, which would allow us to add a continuous pathway right from BASI Level 1 to BASI Level 4. This led us to introduce our Level 3 Train and Work program in Villars, aimed at instructors that have already gained there BASI level 2 and are looking to train towards their BASI level 3, whilst also working for New Generation and building their teaching hours. When this was introduced in winter 2014/15 we had a huge amount of instructors apply for a place on the team, which was amazing and due to its success this is something we hope to develop into other resorts in the future.

Our Villars Work and Train instructors enjoying the snow!

The demand for our Level 4 Train and Work programs in Verbier has also grown over the past few years and we are now offering two work and train teams and a train only team. This means we have more and more instructors gaining their BASI Level 4 and going on to teach for us in our French resorts.

With the development of these new courses, the off hill instructor courses team has also grown considerably. The bigger team has given us the time needed to innovate these new courses, support the increased number of trainees and build great relationships with those that are embarking on a career in ski instructing.

As well as developing new courses, we have also made huge changes to the courses that we already offer to make them more student focused. With our 10 Week BASI 1 and 2 Courses we have increased the number of training hours and reduced the group size from 10 to 8 students.   We felt these changes would make a considerable difference to the amount of one on one time each student would have with their trainer and would give them the best possible chance of passing their BASI exams. We have also introduced compulsory fitness sessions for all BASI 1+2 and ISIA trainees. In previous years it became evident that fitness played a huge part in the success of our students and by introducing the fitness programs as part of our courses we feel we are again, helping to give students the best possible chance of passing their exams and getting the most from their training.

Now that we have more courses running each winter we have been able to get more of our instructors involved in the training of our students. This has offered our instructors some amazing opportunities, offering them a great variety of work and we find that there are huge numbers of instructors looking to get involved and be a part of the instructor course programs.  This has meant that we have some great instructors involved in the courses right now.

At New Generation we are proud to have so many BASI Trainers working within our Ski school and training centre. This summer it was great to see many of our instructors passing the BASI selection process and gaining their trainer status. Having these trainers onboard has allowed us to offer our course mentors some really focused training prior to the winter to make sure they have all the relevant and up to date information needed to train our students to the highest standard. With both our BASI 1+2 and ISIA training courses we have also introduced numerous occasions when they will have on snow sessions with one of our BASI trainers and sit mock exams. We hope this time with the trainers will help to give our trainees a good knowledge of exactly what it is that the BASI trainers will be looking for when they take their exams.

As you can see, there have been some great changes made over the past few years to how our courses run but one of the most inspiring developments we have made over the past year is building our relationship with B1G1. B1G1 is a global giving initiative, which allows you to give to 100’s of different projects around the world. This past year on behalf of anyone that has booked onto one of our instructor courses, we have given a day of education to a disadvantaged child in India for each day that they are training with us. For this winter alone this has lead to over 15 years of education, which is phenomenal!

B1G1 - Offering education on behalf of our trainee instructors

All in all you can see that there have been some great changes over the past few years and 2016 is set to continue in this way. I am sad to say that this is in fact my last week of working for New Generation.  I am leaving to pursue an exciting new venture in Cornwall, running my own Beach shop and Deli.  I have learnt many new skills over my past few years with New Gen that have given me the confidence needed to start this new chapter in my life and I am very excited about what the future will hold!

Porthcothan Bay

Porthcothan Bay – Cornwall

Over this past month I have been working alongside Sarah Michie who will be taking over my role.  Sarah has worked for New Generation for a couple of years now and is excited about her new challenge ahead.    Along with the rest of the Instructor Courses team, Sarah is excited to start introducing some of New Gens exciting new  courses to you in the new year……watch this space!