Introducing Train2Ski – Our Fitness Training Partner

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Written by

Turner Moyse Programmer and Co Founder of Train 2 Ski

Stephanie China Co Founder of Train 2 Ski and Ex ACMG Assistant Ski Guide

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Train 2 Ski is an online program designed by Turner Moyse and Stephanie China. We are based in Revelstoke BC we own a gym CrossFit Revelstoke and own and run Train 2 Ski (https://www.facebook.com/traintoski/). This is a training program delivered 3 times per week to your phone by app to get you ready for the mountains.

We train Mountain Guides, Ski patrollers, Pro Athletes, Ski Teams and recreational Skiers. All of our members of our Gym are skiers or snowboarders. We run workshops internationally on how to prepare for skiing, both for professionals and amateurs.

What it means for you
This series of blogs is going to explore our Train 2 Ski Philosophy on how to best prepare you for the mountains.
The two criteria that every person we work with shares is they want to;
  • Ski Stronger
  • Reduce the risk of Injury (and they certainly don’t want to get injured while training)

Our Approach
Have you ever done a ski training program? Been to a class or read an article in a ski mag on training for skiing?

Let me guess. It advised you to do ski specific training? Because of course you are training for skiing so it must be specific?

Did you have lots of single leg work, Stability work, core and lots of plyometrics? Squats on a Bosu ball?

Now these are all we’ll and good but they shouldn’t be the focus of your program. This is how we used to train our Pro Athletes but then we realised this wasn’t the way to get the best results.

What is the point in doing squats on a Bosu ball if you are already unstable in your Movement mechanics of your basic Squat? Lets take that up a notch – how about single leg wood chops on a Bosu ball? Sound like a good idea? No it doesn’t, and it doesn’t make sense.

Everyone wants the “Bells and Whistles” and people need to sell magazines, but this isn’t the most effective way to train. You need to master your Foundation Movements and Mechanics before you go to your Ski specific work.

Ski Fitness Triangle of aims

Building a Foundation

Next week we will be explaining more about the Foundation Movement Mechanics. Discussing the technique of the Squat and Deadlift – read it here.

This is Part 1 of a blog series by Train2Ski.