St Anton work and train ISIA team girls
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What Makes St Anton So Special For Trainee Ski Instructors?

Last winter season marked the first ever Work & Train Level 3 ISIA programme in St Anton. It was a phenomenal start - our 16 trainees clocked up a cracking 3,360 hours of work - an average of 210 hours per trainee. We spoke to some of the trainees to see what they thought.
3 Valley Mentors

Meet Your Mentors – 3 Valleys

The 3 Valleys is where it all began for New Generation, so it's no surprise it remains one of our main Instructor Training areas. With trainees from Levels 1 to 3 ISIA, we need a big team of experienced mentors to keep things running smoothly.
Being a ski instructor - Sam Taylor Carving

Our Level 3 ISIA Instructor Courses: An Overview

The BASI Level 3 is a big jump up from the Level 2 - find out what is involved and how we can help you achieve it in our course overview.
Ski Touring Adventures
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Skiing Wild Snow

Why are more and more people choosing to earn their turns? Walking uphill can be hard work, so why not just buy a lift pass and go skiing? Here are a few reasons to go out and enjoy a ski-tour.
working and jobs with BASI Level 1
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Career and Recruitment Support

During our BASI Level 1/2 Residential Courses, we provide careers and recruitment support for trainees wishing to work as instructors. It's no regular job application, so how can you make yours stand out?
The French Flag
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French Lessons

You might be wondering why we include French lessons in our Residential BASI 1 and 2 courses. After all, it isn't until BASI Level 3 ISIA that you need to pass a Second Language test. So why do we?
Villars ski instructor work and train team

Villars – Switzerland’s best kept secret

Many of you might not have heard of Villars. So why did we choose it for our BASI Level 3 ISIA Work and Train programme?
Meribel Bluebird day

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 2 – “My Little Holiday”

ISIA student Yasmin's second blog about her injury and the first steps on the road to recovery. So, you know how I mentioned in the previous post that I  had been slumping around in the lovely chalet my boyfriend stays in for his Level…
Yasmin Basan ACL Injury Recovery Feb16

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 1 – “Talent needs trauma”

ISIA student Yasmin shares her experience of injury and the road to recovery. Just over a week ago – it feels like a life time ago – I had a little tumble when I was skiing after training in and my ACL gave way… In winter, I live…
ISIA Training team Mountain Safety Meribel 2016

ISIA Level 3 Course Diaries – The Inside Perspective

If you've trained with us before or are new to New Gen, the jump to Level 3 is a big step. Here's a breakdown of what we get up to training for ISIA Level 3 Training in Meribel and Courchevel.