Instructor Training


Guided Off-Piste Days

There are few things in life better than getting fresh lines on a powder day. When the white stuff is all yours and the mountain is your playground...
The French Flag
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French Lessons

You might be wondering why we include French lessons in our Residential BASI 1 and 2 courses. After all, it isn't until BASI Level 3 ISIA that you need to pass a Second Language test. So why do we?
Meribel BASI 1/2 Trainees at the Ronnie
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What to expect on a Ski Instructor Course - The First 3 Weeks

We're now three weeks into our Courchevel and Meribel BASI 1/2 Residential Courses, and just one day away from the BASI Level 1 exam. So what happens in those first few weeks, and how do trainees prepare for their first ever instructor exam?
Huw Thomas & Mischa Wykurz in the Grand Désert, back of Mont Fort, Verbier

The BASI Level 4 European Mountain Safety Exam Directory

This blog is intended as a directory of useful links to FREE stuff that will help people to go on safer, more enjoyable, more fun days out on skis in the backcountry.
Gear Patrol ski kit for the season
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What to pack for your Ski Instructor Course

You're probably wondering how you're going to fit 3 months of kit into one 23kg suitcase. Here are our insider tips and season secrets to make the most of your packing this season!
Verbier Off Piste Adventures
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What makes Verbier such a great training resort?

Whether you are looking for something to do before Uni,a career change or simply fancy skiing for a winter, Verbier is definitely a great option for you. Heres why.

A Trainer’s Perspective

My job as trainer is to listen to each skier, identify the areas that need work and together make a plan of action to reach those goals.
Heliski trip Val Disere

A Day in the Life of... a trainee ski instructor

There's lots to think about when choosing a course - but what actually happens once you've chosen the course, booked your space and made it to resort?

Ski Seasons - Why you'll keep going back

Think you know what it's like to do a ski season? Think again.