BASI Level 1


Courchevel Mountain Landscape

What makes Courchevel a great training resort?

When choosing a venue to train to become a ski instructor there are the Top 5 things to consider. Gareth Shelbourne reveals all!
Yasmin Basan ACL Injury Recovery Feb16

Yasmin’s Recovery Diary 4 – A torn ACL and an operation

Yasmin is back in the UK to get the news about her knee - and she faces a torn ACL and two operations. Will it be worth it?
Chill Factore Indoor Training

How to get the most out of Indoor Skiing

Gareth rounds up the benefits of training at the UK's dry and indoor slopes this summer, and how you can get involved. Remember, winter is coming!
Heliski trip Val Disere

A Day in the Life of… a trainee ski instructor

There's lots to think about when choosing a course - but what actually happens once you've chosen the course, booked your space and made it to resort?
Courchevel Instructor Course 2016

“Best 10 Weeks of my Life” – Courchevel BASI 1&2

Call me sentimental but these were the best 10 weeks of my life. As a course we formed a team not just a series of individual friendships, we all got a LOT better at skiing. The course was a simply unforgettable experience.
Meribel Instructor Training 2016

Course Diaries – Charlie in Meribel

Charlie in Meribel gives us the low-down on why she chose to give up the rat-race for the snowy Alps. Only last year I was commuting almost every day into London, spending hours on packed trains, hot and stuffy tubes and pushing through crowds…
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Top 10 Tips – What you should know before your residential course

We picked the brains of our current Level 3 ISIA students to find out what advice they would give someone considering taking a 10 week BASI 1& 2 "Gap" course. These are their top ten tips!
Becoming a ski instructor takes time - New Gen's BASI Level 4 courses can help achieve this

How to become a ski instructor: The 70 hours shadowing

You have completed the other BASI 1 modules and passed the BASI Level 1 exam and now the only thing that is standing in between you and your desire to become a ski instructor is 35 hours of shadowing. So how should you go about arranging…

How to become a ski instructor: The other BASI 1 modules

By now you are hopefully starting to get your head around how to become a ski instructor and how the different BASI ski levels work. You may have booked or just passed your BASI level 1 and are now starting to think about the other BASI level…
Practising teaching in Verbier

How to become a Ski Instructor: passing BASI level 1

Today marks the end of the BASI level 1 ski instructor exams for our 2014/15 instructor courses. If you’re looking to become a ski instructor this is the first of four stages and it’s looking good for our trainees so far. Over in Verbier…