Stubai or Verbier?

So here we are Stubai or Verbier? We believe these two ski instructor courses are chalk and cheese. Both boast world-class skiing and the opportunity to finish your course slightly earlier in the year but that is where we think the similarities end.

If we start with price, Verbier is £1200 more expensive than the Stubai course, now you do get two extra weeks in Verbier but it is not just the initial price that you need to be aware of. Our Verbier course is aimed at those who want a little more freedom. We do include Breakfast and Dinner 5 days a week but unlike our other programmes do not offer lunch or afternoon tea. As there are more occasions that you need to fend for yourself food wise it is worth us pointing out that Verbier is a very sought-after resort in a country with an incredibly high cost of living.  The supermarkets in the resort are not cheap and lunch on the mountain will set you back at least £18. Drinks out are also expensive and as such if you are worried about money we strongly advise that you do not join this course. We do not think you will be able to make the most of it.

Two skiers watch a competition in Stubai

Photo by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash

The other key difference is accommodation. We do everything we can to make sure that the chalets we find for you are comfortable, warm and give you some space to chill out in the evening. As we touched on earlier Verbier is a very sought-after resort and in a country that already has a high cost of living. The chalet boasts twin or triple rooms with two living rooms, wifi and TV which is more than you need for a great season. However, our Stubai Chalet is on another level, with a sauna, hot tub, indoor climbing wall, bar, full-size pool table, full size pingpong table, retro game consoles, modern games consoles and projector for movies.

If you are looking to do a ski season with the added benefit of getting a ski instructor qualification and are not worried about spending a little more then Verbier could be the course for you. If you are aware of the cost and want to keep it down where possible, or if your primary aim is to get qualified and quickly then Stubai is likely to be the best choice.