The BASI Alpine Level 2 exam is one of two modules that make up the BASI Alpine Level 2 qualification. The two-week long exam covers all aspects of your skiing and teaching. The BASI level 2 qualification is the first rung of the BASI ladder that allows you to start teaching in a mountain environment. This big jump in opportunities is matched by a noticeable jump in the level required to pass.

The BASI Level 2 exam requires a far higher level of accuracy in your personal skiing and skiers analysis. The two-week exam is a continuous training and examination programme, while you are not expected to know everything prior to attending the exam it is imperative that you have built on your knowledge from your BASI level 1 and are able to show a clear understanding of the technical terms and a good range of accurate demonstrations.

Many students decide to sit extra training prior to their BASI Level 2 exam. If you want a little extra help making the jump from BASI level 1 to 2 then check out our 2 Week BASI Level 2 training. Not only will it help ensure you are at the level it even counts as your 2nd set of 35 hours shadowing.

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