Standalone Ski Exams & Courses

The BASI Alpine Level 1 qualification is the first step on the BASI qualification ladder. This week long exam is often included as part of a residential ski instructor course, however can be sat on its own by experienced skiers with a good technical understanding of the sport. Upon successful completion of the BASI 1 qualification students are able to teach on a dry slope or in a snowdome.

We’re here to help you understand the BASI system and to complete the qualification in full so don’t hesitate to ask for more information on the contact form below.

The BASI Alpine Level 2 exam is one of two modules that make up the Level 2 qualification. This is the first part of the BASI system that allows you to teach in a mountain environment. This two week exam is continual training and examination programme where you will be assessed by a BASI trainer on both your personal skiing and teaching.

We run several Level 2 exams in resort throughout the winter – if you wish to take the exam then don’t hesitate to ask for more information on the contact form below.

Learn from the best – shadow our lessons and pick up some invaluable tips from Level 4 ISTD BASI instructors with tons of experience they can share with you. Learning “on the job” is the best way to truly understand life as a ski instructor. If you’d like a taste of what it’s like to be an instructor or need to complete your shadowing hours for your BASI exams, get in touch!

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