Stability with Train2Ski

When it comes to sports specific training for skiing, we apply our same reasoning of starting with foundations and as you master the basics progressing forwards. A Large focus of our ski specific work is on stability and in particular single leg stability. Again we must stress if the mechanics breakdown you need to step back to a simpler progression so read on for Stability with Train2Ski.
Pistol Squat Train2Ski
Otherwise known as single leg squats are a great exercise, once you master these you have an incredibly effective movement requiring no equipment at all, and a good party trick!
Start sitting down on a chair
Raise your Left foot off the floor
Right foot flat to the floor
Press your Right foot down weight in the heel and stand.
Lower under control with Left foot still off floor
Swap foot and repeat
The whole time with this exercise you want to watch for the knee of your standing leg caving intowards the other leg. Just as with the basic Air Squat you are trying to drive your knees out throughout the movement.
Check out this video for the progressions to the pistol squat.
The Cossack Squat Train2Ski
The Cossack Squat 
This is another single leg dominant exercise which requires flexibility and strength these can be added into a warmup or used as a strength piece by adding a dumbbell or Kettle Bell.
Stand with legs wide apart.
Push your hips back and down lowering to the right side.
Bend your right knee making sure it does not cave in towards the left side.
Turn the left on to the heel toes towards the ceiling.
Chest up
Aiming for right hip beneath the right knee crease.
Here is a video for the progressions to the Cossack Squat.
Turkish Get Up
The Turkish Get Up
This is a complicated movement but if broken down and learnt progressively it is more accessible than it first looks.
The Turkish Get up builds
Core Stabiltiy
Shoulder stability
Single Leg strength
Full body strength

Co-ordination and Body Awareness

Always makes sure you keep your eyes on the weight and your hand directly stacked above your shoulder, never pass the weight above your face when changing hands.

Start lying on your back.
Right arm up in the air directly above the shoulder (use a shoe instead of a weight until you master this).
Right knee up right foot flat to the floor.
Left arm outstretched horizontal to the body
Left leg straight flat to the floor.
Raise up onto your left elbow
Raise up onto your left hand (Push into your right foot and your left Hand)
Lift your body off the floor
Pass your left leg directly underneath you
Place left knee beneath hips
Take your left hand off the ground so you are in a lunge position
Stand up.
Pass your left leg back into a lunge
Lower onto your left knee
Place left hand on the floor
Pass your left leg beneath you and out stretched
Lower to the floor
Onto your elbow
Onto your back
Take the weight into your chest
Roll to your right into the fetal position
slide weight on the ground around your head
Lying in the fetal position holding the weight in both hands on your Left side Roll onto your back.
Raise the left arm up above your left shoulder and repeat on the left side.
Now if that just sounded like a complicated game of Twister watch this video for our tutorial and break down of the Turkish Get Up.
Next week we will discuss the role hip drive has to play in your athletic potential for skiing.

Written by

Turner Moyse Programmer and Co Founder of Train 2 Ski, Stephanie China Co Founder of Train 2 Ski and Ex ACMG Assistant Ski Guide

Instagram @train2ski

Train 2 Ski is an online program designed by Turner Moyse and Stephanie China. We are based in Revelstoke BC we own a gym CrossFit Revelstoke and own and run Train 2 Ski. This is a training program delivered 3 times per week to your phone by an app to get you ready for the mountains.