Skis…..which ones should you buy?


How do you pick the right ski when there are so many to choose from?

With so many skis on the market today its no wonder that people can feel confused about what skis they will need when entering into instructor training.  The only way to know if you are picking the right ski for you is to test, test, test, visit your local Snozone to see if they have a selection of skis for you to try.  We have over 80 coaches working at New Generation and nearly every one of them has a different pair of skis!

Here are a few helpful tips for those students joining us on the 2014 Gap Course and for anyone else thinking about taking their BASI Level 1 and 2 this winter:

we recommend that students use skis within the Piste Performance category. Race skis are generally far too specific and tend to be very narrow underfoot, restricting versatility.  A few race carvers are ok such as the Salomon 2v, Dynastar Speed Course and head Super Shape. In the same vein All Mountain Skis would benefit students during mountain safety training and off-piste but generally are too wide underfoot and too long for piste performance skiing.

*****Students should be looking for skis that are 70-80mm underfoot and have a turn radius of between 14 and 20 meters*****

Students will be analysed on shorts and medium/long turns on piste as well as slower demonstrations at more basic levels. The ski should be sufficiently shaped to allow carving skills to be easily learnt but not too radical as this makes them unforgiving to skidding and rotation skills or having fun anywhere other than on bullet proof piste. Ideally, they should have a ski they are happy to take off piste or into the bumps but this should be of secondary consideration.

Some skis you might want look at and test are:

Piste Performance Skis                            Female Specific Piste Performance Skis
Atomic D2 VF 73 Black                              (They are lighter and less aggressive.)
Atomic Nomad Smoke TI                            Atomic Affinity Air
Atomic Nomad Colt                                    Atomic D2 VF 73
Atomic Vario Carbon                                  Atomic Affinity Pure
Atomic Redster Edge GS                            Blizzard Viva 7.7 TI
Atomic Redster LT                                     Elan Amphibio Insomnia Fusion
Blizzard G-Power FS IQ                              Head Mya No7 PR Pro
Blizzard Magnum FS IQ                              K2 SuperBurnin
Elan Waveflex 10 Redfusion                        K2 Superific
Fischer Motive 74 or 76 powerrail               Rossignol Attraxion I WTP 12
Fischer Progressor 900 Racetrack              Rossignol Attraxion I WTP 12
Head Supershape Titan                             Dynastar Exclusive Elite
Head Supershape i Speed
K2 Velocity
K2 Force
Nordica Doberman Spitfire EDT
Dynastar Speed Pro
Rossignol Experience 78 X TP12
Rossignol Experience 78

Here at New Gen we are privileged to work with some great companies that offer some amazing deals for all of our trainee instructors so they can make sure they are fully prepared for their instructor course in the winter.  Sign up to one of our courses now and receive access to all these great deals!

If you have any questions about skis and equipment email or call our offices on 0844 770 4733

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