Slope Style Ski Training

Do you know your cork 720s from your Rodeo 5s?

This week in Val d’Isere and from the 10th March in Meribel we are running a programme of slopestyle training sessions. Slopestyle is of course an extremely popular topic of conversation at the moment after Jenny Jones won a bronze in the Snowboard Slopestyle at the Sochi Olympics this year, the first British medal to be won on snow.

The New Generation Slopestyle Camp will be run by skiers/Freeskiers Marco Eydelin,Paolo Martinoglioand Lorenzo Sebastianelli in association with and Nordica.

He says his favourite tricks are the cork 10 tail or the double rodeo 9!!

Paolo Martinoglio train at New Generation Slopestyle Ski Training Camp

Paolo Martinoglio in action. He is one of the trainers at New Generation Slopestyle Ski Training Camp.

The camp is not just for really advanced skiers. We have some guys who want to learn there first tricks such as 180s or skiing switch. However we will of course also be running an advanced group of guys who have spent a lot of time in the park and really want to hone their skills. This is the third time that the guys from have joined us to share their knowledge and tips of getting the most our of skiing in the park, and here at New generation we feel extremely lucky!

Slopestyle ski training New Generation in the DC park Meribel

Slopestyle Ski Training with New Generation in the DC park Meribel

Throughout the sessions the trainers with be on hand with their video cameras both the help feedback on their trainees skiing style and posture, but also to make sure not a moment of the action is missed.

Lorenzo Sebastianelli - slopestlye trainer

Which way is up? New Generation Slopestyle skier Lorenzo making the most of his Go Pro.

If this sounds right up your street, there are still a couple of spaces on our Meribel sessions which start next week.

The price starts at 89€, for a full 8 hours on the hill.

So contact us now on 0844 770 4733 or France 0033 (0) 479 01 03 18 or email us direct on

New Generation Meribel Slopestyle training sessions

New Generation Meribel Slopestyle Ski Training sessions