Why are Ski Seasons so Addictive – Part 4

The continuing discussion into what makes ski seasons so addictive? And why, come November time, parents all over the country will be shaking their heads once more as they bid farewell to their offspring, ski bag and all, for yet another winter in the mountains.

The suggestions so far for what keeps us bringing us back have included: the skiing/boarding, the things we didn’t achieve and like-minded people. Have we hit the nail on the head? Or do we all have different motives?
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My fourth suggestion I term:

“The view from my office window”

facebook bragging

Look familiar?

How often do you see these pics on Facebook, or the phrase “the view from my office window” accompanying a snowy vista, from some smug skiing pal? OK, so Facebook boasting isn’t big or clever but what would you rather wake up to? Snowcapped peaks or litter strewn streets? Nuff said!

There’s nothing quite like waking up and opening your curtains to a fresh snowfall. The tree branches heavy with snow, the sun is shining and the mountains glisten and you feel that excitement inside as your internal voice reminds you that I live here!!

So is living in the mountains a motivator for you? Or do you have any other thoughts? We’ll be concluding this discussion tomorrow morning and surmising all your suggestions in one last blog post so last chance saloon folks.
Written by Sara Fernie-Jones