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Ski instructor training – the university & gap year route

[sng_plainbox] Peter Miles Ski InstructorPete Miles is one of our ski instructors in Courchevel 1850. He’s worked in the team for the last 4 years – and qualified as an instructor via a brief stint as a chalet boy and Marine Biologist.

I was fortunate to start skiing young – at age 4- on a family holiday. That was 1984. I was in my sister’s ski pants and googles that were so scratched I couldn’t see out of them!

Twenty years later, in winter 2003 I’d just graduated from St Andrews with a 2.1 degree in Marine Biology. I embarked on my last blast of freedom before settling down to a serious career (so I thought). While working as a chalet boy in Courchevel 1850 I had some free seasonnaire’s lessons with New Generation that quickly shattered any illusions I had of how good I was, but opened my eyes to a new world of skiing.

Me and my New Gen chums

Me and my New Gen chums

One year later (winter 2004/05) after some soul searching I made the easy decision to leave a post graduate course and start training as a ski instructor determined to qualify as soon as I could. I wanted to fast track my qualification and begin work in New Zealand, so the New Gen gap course was the perfect way to kick off my training and career. I did the New Gen Courchevel course in 2004/2005 and passed my level 2 at the end of that winter.

At the end of my gap course I did 2 weeks of Interski teaching. It was a great way to get stuck in- I finished my exams on the Friday and on the Monday I was standing in front of 10 school kids. I had such a great week, learnt loads about teaching, received my first ski tip (and their teacher asked me out!!). Pretty good all round.

I went to New Zealand  for the summer and came back to Courchevel where I polished off my ISIA in one season. That was winter 2005/ 2006, where I was living in St Bon, working in a ski hire shop and training every day. It was a pretty mad season – I don’t think I had a beer all winter! I just slept, worked and trained.

I then went back to New Zealand for summer 2006 when I got a call from the legendary Ali Rainback asking if I was interested in pioneering New Gen’s new set up for ISTD Level 4 training in Switzerland. 3 years of great fun, hard work and training followed to tackle the level 4, which definitely proved more of a challenge than I (or anyone else) anticipated. Race training, technical training, mountain safety etc all followed, as well as bumps for breakfast, lunch and supper!

Lumps, bumps and some fresh pow

Lumps, bumps and some fresh pow

Gaining your Eurotest is a fantastic achievement and one you never forget. Mine was no different – I passed in 2009 in Oberstdorf in Germany at the same time as 2 other New Gen team mates. I’ve now been working in Courchevel for nearly 5 years and I reckon I have the best job in the world!

I reckon I've got the best job in the world...

I reckon I’ve got the best job in the world…

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