Ski Instructor Pathway

BASI 1 & 2

Long Ski instructor courses

The perfect way to kick start your career in ski instruction. Everything you need to complete your BASI Levels 1 and 2 is included. These courses run in Villars, Verbier, Courchevel and Meribel.

BASI 2 Fast Track

This is a short course, ideal for those who have completed their Level 1 and are now looking towards the Level 2 but would like some extra training.

BASI 1 & 2 Exams

For those who have completed all other modules required to sit the exam and are going through the BASI system in their own way.


Courchevel BASI Level 3 Training

A training only programme that is designed to get students through their ISIA exams as quickly as possible. The course does pause in peak weeks if students wish to seek work.

Verbier BASI Level 3 Training

A new training programme designed to train students to Level 3 ISIA. The course begins in December, and takes a break over peak weeks, allowing trainees time to work should they wish.

ISIA Work & Train Programme

Based in our new St Anton ski school, this course is designed for BASI 2 instructors who want to work for New Generation as they train towards Level 3. The school is staffed by instructors from a variety of ski systems to provide a deeper understanding of skiing for trainees.


Verbier ISTD Training Team

Our Verbier ski school was built around this team. Under the direction of BASI Trainers, a focused group of trainees whose aim is to complete their Level 4 qualification. Passing is the main focus for every team member.

Full Certification Programme

A season-long work and train programme for anyone who is qualified to ISIA level in any ski instructor qualification system. 150 hours of training from guest coaches in a variety of systems.

Beyond Level 4

What happens once you’re qualified?

Upon successful completion of your Level 4, the world is very much you oyster. Finding week paid work across the world will be quite easy and your certificate will make the process of gaining visas a lot easier. We would love for you to join one of our full time teams across the Alps but you will not be tied into any contract to do so if you train with us.

For many instructors reaching BASI 4 is not enough. Whether you wish to become a BASI Trainer yourself or open your own ski school we have the support and courses in place to help you acheive your goals.