Villars ISIA BASI 3 Work and Train programme

The step from Level 2 to Level 3 (ISIA) is a big one but with the help of our BASI trainers, students will be coached towards the key modules. This is a hard, intense, but extremely effective training course which prepares students for the Alpine BASI Level 3 (ISIA) Technical, Teaching, Off-Piste Mountain Safety and Alpine Performance Modules.

The Villars Work and Train programme is one of if not the most sought-after course. We set up an entire ski school with the aim of running this course and to provide more opportunities for our course graduates and Level 2 instructors. During the season you will receive 180 hours of training – 140 of these hours will be delivered to you as one training group of 8 people. The remaining 40 hours will be delivered in smaller groups of 4 students to allow you to make as many changes as possible.  Training is usually scheduled for the afternoons so you are available to work in the mornings.

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