Meribel 11 WEEK BASI 1 & 2 Ski instructor courses

Words can’t do our Meribel BASI 1 & 2 Ski Instructor courses justice. Meribel sits right in the middle of the world’s biggest ski area and gives you access to the wide open pistes of Courchevel and the guaranteed snow of Val Thorens. From wide open powder fields to hidden tree runs, mogul lines and world cup pistes the skiing has something for everyone. Combine this with a young lively social scene and some of the best bars and restaurants in the alps and you have a recipe for success.

In 11 weeks we have to fit in piste performance training, freeride and freestyle sessions with sponsored athletes, and of course your BASI exams. Don’t worry though there is still time for the odd apres ski session at the Folie or Rond Point. If you are thinking about doing a ski instructor course in Meribel then look no further.

  • £8550
  • January – March 2020
  • 6 Spaces Remaining

What’s included?

Our BASI Level 1 & 2 ski instructor courses are our most popular programs. Serious skiing combined with a lively and friendly atmosphere make for an amazing experience. With French lessons, freeskiing sessions and over 30 hours training a week to fit into the mix, there is never a dull moment. Don’t worry, there is time for a little apres-ski too…

We design these courses from the ground up every year with 2 goals; make sure we have a programme we are really proud of and make sure that it will help every student achieve their goals. This years course is our best yet. Double the training hours, a week longer and avalanche safety equipment for every student to keep so they can explore the mountain with us.

New Generation ski instructor training centres Meribel residential programme is an 11 week course. Training for 8 weeks of this course is delivered by New Generation. The other 3 weeks of this course are delivered by BASI Trainers supplied and approved by BASI under our BASI Partner Agreement.

New Generation are a BASI Partner

The Skiing & Training

Meribel – The heart of the 3 Valley’s

The Three Valleys is world famous and Meribel sits at the heart of it all. World Cup standard pistes, mogul fields, glacial skiing, epic tree lines, steep couloirs and wide open powder faces guarantee you will never run out of new places to ski. The only way to truly know the place is to spend a season there and one season here is never normally enough to satisfy most people. A lively, friendly and party atmosphere combined with some serious skiing make for an amazing ski instructor course. With French lessons, fitness sessions and training to fit into the mix there is never a dull moment.

All of your training will be delivered by BASI Level 4 ISTD instructors or BASI trainers. These guys are with you for about 30 hours each week but don’t worry it is not all drills and skills. Our aim is to make you the best skiers possible, you will spend time on piste, in the park and in the backcountry developing your all mountain skills, preparing for the exam and just having some fun. We did not give you avalanche safety kit just to look at it.

Of course, it’s not all about the skiing. Meribel boasts some internationally renowned apres ski and nightlife venues including “Ronnies” and the Folie Douce, giving you plenty to do at all times of the day & night.

Accommodation & Food

We know that one of the most important parts of creating a successful residential ski instructor training course is the accommodation and food. A good nights sleep, somewhere comfortable to relax in your downtime and a tasty meal to keep your energy up to make sure you can keep up on and off the slopes.

For this reason all our students stay in chalets, not hotels or apartments. You all eat together in your teams with home-cooked meals prepared by your host. Breakfast is supplied every day with lunch, dinner and even afternoon tea 5 days a week.

Chalet Casse Noix has 5 twin rooms, each with their own bathroom, a massive open plan living area and a ski room equipped with servicing benches. The living area is the perfect chill out area. With huge comfy sofas, British TV and Wifi. Once spring rolls around there is also a garden for chilling in the sun. Don’t take our word for it though – check out the video.

We only use twins rooms on our Meribel ski instructor courses
The meribel chalet has a big open plan living area
At the end of a day of ski instructor training you want somewhere comfortable to relax
Warm and Comfy

After the Course

The 11 weeks are up, you have had the best time of your life but what’s next? All you know is you want to keep skiing. The good news is that the BASI Level 2 will open up doors and allow you to teach all over the world.With our careers support, most of our students go straight into 3 or 4 weeks worth of teaching over the busy Easter holiday period.

Most of our students go straight into 3 or 4 weeks worth of teaching over the busy Easter holiday period. This is a great opportunity to test your new found skills and explore further a field in the European Alps while being paid. This teaching time takes you through to the end of the season but the snow melting does not mean you have hang up the boots just yet. For the serious snow addicts it is about time to head to the southern hemisphere as their winter starts to kick off. Your BASI level 2 qualification will allow you teach in both New Zealand and Australia. You won’t earn a fortune there but you will cover all your costs, and it’s an incredible experience to see two of the most beautiful countries on earth.

What happens next depends on your long term goals. If this is a career we recommend continuing your training and aiming for your BASI Level 3 ISIA. This can be done as part of a work and train program or you can focus on a training only program. Make sure you talk us through your future goals so we can help you find the perfect course.

If this was a gap year it is time to return to reality, you can rest safe in the knowledge though that you will be able to get paid to go skiing if you want to teach through the busy periods.

The Full Course Schedule

Week 1

Before you begin training you will meet your mentors and meet your course mates at our Welcome weekend to break the ice and receive your course materials.

Week 1 is spent working on your personal performance and ensuring everyone finds their feet. You will do full days of training with your mentor focusing on the basic performance aspects of on piste skiing.

We also make the most of this time to show you how to use your avalanche safety gear and begin with our avalanche awareness, prevention and rescue training. This way when the time comes to ski off piste you are ready.

Week 2

Week 2 is another full week of training. During this week we will build on the aspects of performance skiing that we introduced in week 1 and start to put some of those skills into place away from the marked runs exploring some of the amazing terrain the 3 Valleys has to offer.

Week 3

Where as weeks 1 & 2 are spent primarily working on your personal performance and making you better skiers in week 3 we start to introduce you to BASI’s teaching models, demonstration criteria and terminology.

You will do mock teaching sessions and get a shot to experience the atmosphere and environment of a BASI exam during a mock exam with one of our own BASI trainers.

Week 4

The BASI Level 1 exam. This is the real deal a full week with a BASI trainer who will assess your technical skiing and knowledge of BASI’s teaching models and methods. The exam runs for the whole week and the trainers role is to develop your knowledge of the sport while simultaneously ensuring you meet the ability requirements to pass the exam.

You can not pass or fail your BASI 1 on one run or teaching session, your performance over the whole week is taken into consideration. So if you have a bad run don’t let it get to you, it is not the end of the world and there is plenty of time to demonstrate just how good you are.

Week 5 - 9

Weeks 5 – 9 are a real mix of personal performance training and off snow activities including

  • Performance training with mentors
  • Freeride and Off piste skiing with our in-resort specialists
  • Ski School Shadowing
  • First Aid Course
  • French Lessons
  • Further Mountain Safety Courses
  • Child Protection Module
  • Race Training with our dedicated race coaches on the 1850 world cup stade
  • Careers Seminar and CV support
  • Assistance with finding work either for us or our friends and partners.
  • Ski Tech & Servicing Session
Week 10 & 11

The BASI Level 2 exam is in a similar format to your BASI 1 but over 2 weeks instead of 1. This year we will start the exam on the Saturday, with two days off (Thurs and Friday).

The BASI level 2 exam is in a similar format to your BASI 1 but over 2 weeks instead of 1. At the end of the exam we have an end of season party to celebrate, and a few days to recover!

Other BASI 1 & 2 courses to consider

If our residential Meribel ski instructor courses are not right for you, then not worry, we have others available in Courchevel, Verbier and Villars. If it’s just Level 2 your are looking for then why not check out our BASI Level 2 Training and Exam packages