BASI Level 2 Training

Our BASI Level 2 training is perfect for those who already have their BASI Level 1 but want a bit of extra support as they approach their BASI Level 2. The jump between the BASI Level 1 and BASI Level 2 ski instructor qualifications is quite a significant one and you are expected to be far more accurate with both your own skiing and analysis of others.

Our training is designed to help you bridge the gap between the two levels and ensure you are not only skiing at the level but understand what to expect before you go into your BASI Level 2 exam. The New Generation BASI Level 2 training has the added benefit of counting as your 2nd set of 35 hours of ski school shadowing making it the perfect way to kick start your BASI Level 2 qualification.

For students who wish to sit their BASI Level 2 exam immediately after the training we run a BASI level 2 exam in Courchevel – the dates are to be confirmed, but it will be completed in time for Christmas. All students who join our BASI Level 2 training are given first refusal on our BASI Level 2 exam spots. This way we can guarantee that you have an exam option should you want it.

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