How To Be A Part-Time Ski Instructor

Did you know that you can be a part-time ski instructor?

Around 50% of trainees on our BASI Level 1 & 2 Residential Courses continue on the instructor pathway after gaining their BASI 2 qualification. They travel to Japan, Canada, Australia… the world is their oyster. But what about those who plan to go to university, or back to working in the UK?

Not everyone who gains their BASI Level 2 wants to become a full-time instructor. But you can still take advantage of your new skills and qualifications working as a part-time ski instructor.

For University/College Students 

Snowdomes and dry slopes employ BASI 1 and 2 instructors throughout the year, and often require more instructors at weekends or during the run-up to winter. Roles vary – you can be an instructor, or a race / freestyle coach if you complete your UKCP Level 1 or BASI Level 1 Coaching qualification too. This makes it a great week-end job when you’re at Uni. You can find the map of all 69 UK slopes here.

Furthermore, if you join your Uni’s Snowsports Society you gain access to reduced cost training, ski holidays and can even compete in the British University Snowsports Council (BUSC) competitions. With the BASI Level 2 you could even take on a committee role, or train your fellow students.  Plus you get access to amazing events like this!

Lastly, you can use your qualifications during your University holidays. Companies like Interski can offer several weeks of teaching in Italy and Switzerland during peak times, which usually line up with University terms breaks. So instead of paying to go skiing, Interski will pay for you to travel and stay in a ski resort, plus pay you for teaching whilst you’re there!

Part Time and Peak Week Options

With a BASI Level 2 qualification you are able to apply for work in most European countries on a part-time basis (see here for the full list of countries). Ski Schools need more instructors during Christmas and New Years weeks, Half-Term and Easter, and your BASI Level 2 will put you in good stead.

Most part time instructors will be provided with accommodation, uniform and lift pass, plus receive a salary for their teaching hours. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to ski?

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not use your BASI 2 to teach in Australia, New Zealand, Chile or Argentina? Ski schools down under have their high season from June – September so you could teach in the summer break. Or if you have a full-time job, this would be a great option for a short sabbatical.

Keeping Your Qualifications Valid

To make the most of your qualifications, you do need to keep them valid. For BASI 2s, you must refresh your qualification at least once within 3 years. So someone who passed in March 2018 must refresh before March 2021, and then March 2024 and so on. 

Refreshing your qualification is simple – you should attend a one day Continued Professional Development day (CPD) which costs £65, and can be done at your indoor snowdome or dry slope within the UK. The courses run regularly so should fit into a spare weekend easily. For BASI Level 3 and 4 instructors, you need 3 days every 3 years.

What If My Qualifications Are Older Than 3 Years?

Not to worry – as long as your gain one CPD “credit”, you can reactivate your qualifications. BASI state you can take either a qualification refresher day, or take an exam in a second discipline such as Freestyle or Telemarking, which will also reactivate your BASI 2 qualification. Full details (including guidelines for Level 3 and 4 instructors also) can be found in the CPD Members Information PDF.

The Insiders guide section of our website has lots of information about where you can work, what you can teach and what it’s like being an instructor. If you have any further questions about using your BASI 2 in the UK, Europe and beyond, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help!