The New BASI partner agreement has shaken up the world of BASI gap courses in a good way. Each BASI partner has had to tender for the right to run courses and they have only been awarded the ability to run these courses if they met minimum quality criteria. It is important to remember though that this does not mean all BASI partners are the same.

These are our BASI partner ski instructor courses and what we think makes each one stand out from the crowd.

Tom and James watching some drills during the BASI Level 3 Training Course

Meribel 10 Week BASI 1 & 2 

Our 10 week Meribel BASI  Patner level 1 & 2  courses are one of if not our most popular BASI level 1 & 2 courses. For us it has many highlights. As with all of our courses the training groups are a maximum size of 8 not the 10 used by other providers and of course language lessons are included as standard. On top of that Meribel sits smack bang in the middle of the worlds biggest ski area. As full area passes are included as standard there is not better place to explore from. In the spring you can head up to Val Thorens and for those cloudy days you are only a stones throw away from the tree skiing heaven of La Tania.


Courchevel 10 Week BASI 1 & 2

The Courchevel BASI partner level 1 & 2 ski instructor courses are our longest running course. Many of our current team started here and have now progressed through the system and are delivering the course themselves. 8 person groups are the norm and language lessons are always standard. This course sits at the heart of our ski school. Our directors all still live in Courchevel and it gives you the perfect opportunity to make an impression on the guys that matter. You also get a full area pass so exploring the other valleys is a breeze.

Choosing which BASI Standalone courses to go for it a big decision and making sure you have trained and feel fully prepared will be a good indication as to when to take your exams.

Verbier 10 Week BASI 1 & 2

Our Verbier BASI partner level 1 & 2 ski instructor courses are our youngest course. It is now in its 4th year and has evolved from year to year and 2015/2016 looks set to be our biggest course yet. The Verbier programme regularly produces our highest pass rates. Vebier is also home to our BASI level 4 training team and is perfect for those who want to experience what it is like to be part of a vibrant young training team. The Level 4 Training team are some of the most dedicated Trainees in the industry. They aim is to pass the toughest exams in the BASI system and they are more than happy to ski with the BASI 1 & 2 trainees to give them that extra push.