With Winter looming we thought what better way to get us into the winter mood than to go trekking to see some BIG Mountains, Nepals Mountains that is! And while we were at it, it would be a good opportunity to build up some fitness before the winter season.

Nepal’s Himalayan Mountain Range has eight out of fourteen of the world’s 8000 metre peaks with a total number of 1310 snow peaks over 6000 metres.  With this in mind we knew we were going to see some spectacular sites!

Start Of the trek

Gravel paths at the beginning of the trek

We arrived in Kathmandu with nothing planned and within hours of arriving we had scheduled a 9 day trek to the Basecamp of Annapurna which is one of Nepal’s biggest mountains standing 8,091 metres high.

nepal 3

Surrounded by rice paddies

With a Guide on hand we set off for the first day of the trek.  It was amazing how the terrain and surroundings could change so rapidly within a few hours; from dirt tracks, to lush green terraced rice paddies.  The weather on route to Basecamp was not the greatest; days of walking through rain and cloud meant minimal views but we learned quickly that this made the trekking a more enjoyable experience than having the sun beating down on you.

After 6 days of trekking we had reached Basecamp and to our amazement the clouds decided to lift and the views were spectacular.  Snowy white peaks surrounded the camp and with sunrise upon us it was a beautiful moment.

nepal 4

“I wish I had my ski’s with me!” (David Barnett Courchevel Instructor and Gap Course Mentor)

The 9 days of trekking definitely proved worthwhile and has definitely been a kick start to getting fit for winter.

If you are preparing for a winter season why not take a look at our Fitness Guide that we give to our Gap students.  Even adding a small amount of fitness into your week now will make a huge difference when it comes to being on the slopes.

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