Teaching in the southern hemisphere is a unique experience. The snow is often not as reliable as the northern hemisphere, the resorts are considerably smaller and most of the kit looks like it is from the 80’s. Inspite of this instructors make the long journey down under every year and many say that it is their favourite place to work.

Hugh from the 2013 Courchevel BASI 1 & 2 ski instructor course course got in touch to let us know how he is getting on.

Selwyn_narrowweb__300x378,0 Selwyn-Snowfields

“Going to Australia for snow seemed almost crazy at first. Nearly every person I told about it asked the same question, ‘there is snow in australia?’ and I replied yes, of course! I was given a Job at Selwyn Snowfields, in New South Wales. Selwyn is quite a small resort, still family owned and run giving you a more intimate experience. You know absolutely everyone in resort personally from the Lifties to the Ski Hire guys, to guest services and the Cafe staff. For me this made it a lot easier to start off with as when we arrived, there was no snow! The snow picked up and we had one brilliant week where the whole resort was operational. I taught  a mixture of kids groups and adults groups, private lessons and private request lessons. The abilities ranged from complete beginner, through to intermediate. At the minute, the snow has disappeared again which means for long days waiting to get back to work. But with a great bunch of people, you can’t help but have a lot of fun!”

The people who surround you are what make working in the southern hemisphere so special. No where else in the world do people cue for 40 minutes waiting for the lifts to open because 4cm of snow has fallen or put up with skiing 1/2 of a run in driving rain because the top half had some soft snow. When the guys around you are this excited about skiing even in the worst conditions imagine how hyped up they are in the weeks when it is good.