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Our Level 2 Ski Instructor Course Overview

Meribel Students First Day on the BASI 1/2 Residential Course 2017

BASI’s Alpine Level 2 is the gateway qualification which allows those who hold it to teach in a mountain environment.

There are a number of ways to gain Level 2, from Fast Track Courses to full Level 1 and 2 Residential Courses. But what does it take? Check out our level 2 ski instructor course overview to find out.

The BASI Level 2 consists of a 2 week on-snow exam, off snow theory sessions and a further 35 hours of ski school shadowing. As holding the BASI Level 1 is a prerequisite for this course, anyone attempting their Level 2 will have already completed the Child Protection and First Aid modules.

Skiing long carve turns

Remember your First Aid must be kept up to date so get into the habit of renewing this life saving training.

While the BASI Level 2 examines students on a similar range of skills as the BASI Level 1, there is a big jump in the level required to pass. This is true of all aspects, from Technical to Teach so we definitely recommend getting some practice and training in before attempting it.

For students on our Level 1 and 2 Residential Courses you will go straight into this after taking your Level 1, while you are fresh and in the habit of making changes on your skis.

The Technical Requirements

On snow training will continue to focus on Long and Short Turns and Central Theme. But added to this you will now also be expected to demonstrate your ability on Steeps – performing linked turns on a red or black piste, safely controlling your speed. Variables – performing rounded, linked turns in a variety of conditions on a blue or red slope in rough un-pisted terrain. And also in the Bumps – demonstrating continuous, linked skidded turns in easy bumps/ moguls.

The new elements required push trainees out of their comfort zones, but don’t worry our mentors are there every step of the way. Both pushing you to develop the elements you have already been working on in your Level 1 but also as you push towards mastering these new skills.

Having a coach in the know is also essential so they can use their knowledge to hunt out the best terrain for the various skills you need to work on. And when they don’t find what they need help you to create it yourself. I am telling you, you know nothing of thigh burn until you have spent a day making a rut line to work on your bumps skiing!

Passing on your knowledge

Bumps are introduced in BASI Level 2 Courses

As well as technical skiing students continue to work on building their theoretical understanding of the sport. While it is important to revise and study for this it is also amazing how much you learn by spending time day in day out training and listening to the feedback from your coaches.

As a further 35 hours of ski school shadowing is required for the BASI Level 2 our students spend a full 2 weeks shadowing our ski school. This not only improves knowledge of theory but also tends to increase students confidence when teaching as they have really had the chance to see instructors in action. This makes people more confident for the demanding teaching sessions that come as part of the Level 2.

While there is a lot to cover in the BASI Level 2 – nothing should come as a shock after your Level 1 exam and there is plenty of time to prepare. Confident skiers can join our Fast Track programme giving them two weeks of focused training to polish their skills in time for the exam. Those on our Villars Pre-season Course will have a solid month to develop before going for the exam while those on our full Residential Gap Courses will have a full 6 weeks to progress to the level required.

Depending on what route you have taken the next step is the 2 week exam. 5 days on on a off snow sessions, followed by a well earned 2 day break and then back on snow for the final 5 days. Again you will work with a BASI trainer to improve all aspects of your skiing and teaching. Again it is a continuous training and assessment. So even if you are not quite at the standard to pass at the start, the trainer will work hard to get you to the required level by the end of the course.

As with the Level 1 if you do not quite reach the level for either of both of the elements then we can easily help to arrange a resit for you meaning you can go back at smash it second time around.


You have your BASI 2… what next?

Once you have your Level 2 you can really start to pursue a career teaching. It is your very own ticket to work across the globe! You can spend your winters in the European Alps, teaching in incredible places including Switzerland, Italy or Austria or head further a field to Japan or the Americas. Why not check out our Level 3 programmes, including a Work and Train option to get you to the next level?

After this if you still haven’t had enough of the white stuff to satisfy you then you can also head south to Australia or New Zealand for the southern hemisphere winter.

Ski instructor life

Wages in Switzerland stand between 20 CHF and 25 CHF an hour. In Austria flat salaries are often offered from around €1300. In New Zealand, Australia and Japan hourly wages stand between $16 – 22, in the Americas they can be slightly less but tips are common. So you can do a job that you love and fund your seasons. What is not to like!

If this sounds like the life for you then make sure to get in touch soon. Places fill up fast on our Fast Track, pre-season and season long courses! So get in touch now if you want to experience the winter of a lifetime.