The first weekend of December is always a fairly manic one for all at New Generation. As the first snow arrives in the Alps so do all of our instructors, new uniforms, new toys and new friends. To kick the winter off in style we bring all of our instructors from 15 resorts across the Alps to Courchevel for a weekend.

This weekend was a fairly special one for me as Phil, Dave and George who joined us for our Residential BASI level 1 & 2 courses 3 years ago during my first year overseeing New Generations Ski instructor Courses have now worked their way through the system and were picking up their first New Generation Uniform before heading to Verbier to work for us full time.

Welcome to our Ski Instructor Team


This is far from the first time that students who started on a gap or residential programme have started working for us but they are the first students I have seen from start to finish.

Tom and Grant did our Meribel course 9 years ago.

In addition to our new Members of the team it was great to see some old faces. Tom Waddington and Grant McNaughton started their Ski Instructor careers with us 9 years ago on our Meribel Residential BASI 1 & 2 course and are now part of our Mentor Team who coach the next generation of ski instructors at all levels of the BASI system. Tom Waddington is also a BASI trainer and responsible for assessing pupils during their BASI exams.

The last two days have been a whirlwind of activity for our mentor team as they have been put through their paces by a selection of BASI trainers who work with New Generation throughout the season. The aim of these two days is to help our mentors continue to develop their skiing beyond the BASI 4 standard and for those that wish help them move on and become BASI trainers themselves. We will publish more information and photos on that in the next few weeks though.

What about the uniform and new toys.

Each year we receive a pretty massive delivery of new uniform and equipment from Ellis Brigham and The North Face. Choosing a uniform for over 100 instructors that will last the entire season, look good and make us stand out is never easy. We would not be able to do it without the support of both Ellis Brigham and the North Face so a huge thank you must go to them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.14.20

My highlights are the Mens Freethinker Jacket and Gold Kazoo Hybrid Jacket. It is our second year in the Freethinker Jacket and despite last year being a bit warm and rainy at times we never got wet. Much to the annoyance of some other ski schools who looked like they had been for a swim. The Freethinker is an awesome big mountain and touring jacket with a host of features to keep out whatever the elements throw at you. The Kazoo Hybrid may look a little different but it is a really cool warm jacket that you can just as easily where under your ski jacket on a cold day as you can to the pub in the UK. Photos do not do it justice. Pop down to your local Ellis Brigham store and you will see exactly what I mean.