How to make your ski instructor job application stand out

Your ski instructor training is over, summer has arrived, and for instructors all over the world that means it is time to make your plans for next winter. You may be after a full season working, training, or something in between the two, but one thing is certain – getting that ideal position can be a real challenge.

So what can you do to make your application stand out from the crowd?

Make your ski instructor job application stand out from the crowd.

Break the mould – be creative and innovative with your application. We get a lot of applications to join our teams in Villars and Verbier and we actively encourage applicants to do something inspiring with their application – it is a great way to show your personality. In the last few years we have had presentations, videos, stories, books and CVs printed on piste maps to name but a few.

Do some research – Find out about the school you are applying to. What are they looking for and how do you fit the bill? Emphasise what you will bring to the school and how you will fit in with their team and culture.

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Be proactive – Where you can try to find out who the right person to contact and apply to is, and personalise your application. If it is suitable to do so try to meet or have a chat with the school. Putting a name to a face or voice makes a big difference and gives the recruiter an opportunity to know and remember you.

Multilingual? – Languages are really important. If you can already speak English, French, Russian and Mandarin i’d be pretty confident you won’t have a problem finding a great job.

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Keep it simple and professional – make sure all the important and relevant information is easy to see and stands out. Ski Schools receive a lot of applications, and a hard to read application may not get the attention you’d like. Your application is often the first (and only) guide to what you are like as a person – so take your time to make each application the best it can – if your application looks rushed, generic and bland how is the employer going to know that you are actually a professional, fun and inspirational instructor?

So good luck to everyone searching for a position next season, and lets hope for an epic winter!