Getting Fit for your season

I train regularly often twice a day but one work out run by Charlie at Like2Lift in Surrey brought me to my knees. This work out is perfect for any one coming out to do a ski instructor course as it combines strength, speed and endurance.

To start with do a quick warm up. For this we did a quick 6 minute Tabbata. A tabbata work out is 20 seconds of one exercise followed by a 10 second rest, then another 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest and so on. Remember this is a warm up so don’t go to crazy. We chose the following exercises ; star jumps, press ups, and pull ups.

Now for the main work out. As with all work outs it is only as hard as you make it, so if possible complete it with a partner as this should bring an element of competition into it and push you harder. The work out uses contrast sets so you complete one strength exercise followed by one plyometric exercise. For more information on contrast sets click here.

The first set is

6 front squats followed immediately by 12 burpees – (one round)

Complete 3 rounds of this AFAP ( as fast as possible) without rest between exercises or rounds.

Rest two minutes before next set


The second set.

6 kettle bell swings followed immediately by 12 broad jumps (one round)

Complete 3 rounds AFAP without rest.

Rest two minutes before next set

The third set

6 clean and press followed immediately by 12 thrusters (one round)

Complete 3 rounds AFAP without rest


Rest two minutes before next set

The fourth set

6 kettle bell snatches followed immediately by 12 medicine ball slams (one round)

Rest 5 minutes. Get some air into your lungs it is time for the finisher

The finisher – 50m front racked lunge walk

I have included links to demonstrations of all the exercises except the kettle bell snatch just click on the exercise name. However if you are unsure of any exercise and for the kettle bell snatch please consult one of the trainers at your gym, they are there to help.

A quick tip, in some gyms medicine balls are bouncy. Do not pick one of these up by mistake when you go to do your slams. It will bounce back up very hard and hit you in the face as you go down. This really hurts. [/sng_plainbox]