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The Benefits of a Certified Ski Instructor Qualification

Gaining a certified qualification as an instructor is vital if you wish to make a career of instructing.

Yet that is not the only reason it is useful. Whether you want to make ski instructing your full-time occupation, want to improve your skiing or are simply looking for a fun way to spend a gap year, a certified qualification gives you a significant advantage.

As an official BASI partner, all of our training courses offer certified qualifications through the British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI). This membership organisation is responsible for the licensing, regulation and assessment of its member instructors.

BASI Trainers Skiing in Formation at Interski 2016

BASI Trainers in Formation at Interski 2016

You may be thinking, “hang on, there can’t be that many ski instructors working in Britain”. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Although we do have some fabulous mountains on our little island and a good selection of snowdomes and dry slopes – which have nurtured the likes of Dave the Rocket Ryding to World Cup fame – we are aware that skiing opportunities are limited. However, BASI is not just a British organisation, it is recognised all over the world.

Pendle to Kitzbühel Dave Ryding Skier

From Pendle Dry Slope to the World Cup – Dave the Rocket Ryding

They are one of the member nations of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) which is recognised the world over. As you can see on the Insider’s Guide section of our website the ISIA qualification, which is awarded at BASI Level 3, allows instructors to work almost anywhere in the world. This covers much of Europe, the Americas, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. While many qualification bodies stop there, BASI have taken their system further with the BASI Level 4 International Ski Teaching Diploma (ISTD). This gives recognition and equates to the highest level of other qualification systems, meaning you can work anywhere in the world. Yes, even France!

Where you can work with a BASI qualification

Where you can work with your BASI qualification

But these qualifications are not just recognised for their licence to teach – they have also been given academic recognition. Working within the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF), BASI qualifications give academic credits which are recognised by employers, colleges and universities. The BASI Level 1 is equivalent to an AS-Level or Scottish Higher, and this recognition continues to the BASI Level 4 which is equal to Bachelor Degree with Honours.

This means that taking a training program that offers a certified qualification not only gives you the chance to have the winter of a lifetime, playing in the pow and improving your technique but also will give you something really worthwhile to show at the end of it. You can use this to pursue a career as an instructor, to work part time in holidays or the UK, and to help with university or job applications.

If you’re thinking “what’s not to like?” then check out the ski instructor training courses we have on offer. There is still limited availability for this coming winter so get in touch if you would like more info.