Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Session 10

We have reached the halfway point of our first block of fitness programmes for skiing and ski instructor training. Congratulations on making it this far, hopefully, you have enjoyed it and are starting to develop an understanding of what you can do to improve your fitness. If this is the first of these blogs you have come across and you would like to know more make sure you have a look at the Fitness for Ski Instructor Training part of our website.

Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Session 10

Today’s session is going to use a mixture of a target number of reps but also a time limit. Effectively the faster you complete the prescribed work the longer you will get to rest, fail to complete all the work and you will get no rest at all. Push hard get the reps and strive to get a break each round.


  • 2 sets of 3 Minutes skipping.
  • ROM drills

Main Resistance Training

Complete the following 4 exercises as a circuit. You are required to do 5 rounds of the circuit. The aim is to complete each circuit within 2 minutes. The faster you complete the circuit the more rest you will receive. As soon as the clock hits 2,4,6 or 8 minutes restart the circuit.

eg, If you complete the first round in 1 minute 15 seconds you will be able to rest for 45 seconds before starting the second round.

If it takes you longer than 2 minutes to complete each round as soon as your 2-minute time slot is up. Drop what you are doing and restart the circuit with no rest.

5 rounds = a maximum of 10 minutes work. It may hurt but it will be over before you know it.

Exercise 1 – Pull ups, complete 5 reps each round.

Exercise 2 – Slamballs, complete 10 reps each round (do not use a classic bouncy medicine ball, it will hit you in the nose HARD. It hurts. At the start of each round make sure you pick up the right ball and not the wrong one in your fatigued state.)

Exercise 3 – Burpees, complete 15 reps each round

Exercise 4 – Star jumps, complete 20 reps each round

Core Stability

Perform 3-5 rounds of the following circuit or exercises with no rest.

Wheel Roll – Perform 15 Reps – See this video for technique

V-Ups – Perform 15 reps – See this video for technique

Supermans – Perform 15 reps – See this video for technique

Saxon Side Bends – Perform 6 reps each side – See this video for technique


Perform a plank to failure. Record your time.

Cool down.

All over stretch and foam roll.

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