Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: The final push 1, 5 & 9

It may seem crazy and have come around far too quickly for many but in a little over 5 weeks winter officially begins. From the first weeks of November Europes glacier will be teaming with World Cup athletes, Eurotest hopefuls and trainee ski instructors. For many this is crunch time, they have spent the summer saving and are now pinning their hopes on the exams ahead.

With so much on the line this final 6 week training block is designed to get you ready to perform and ensure that whatever the out come you are able to say I gave it my best shot.

Warm Up

Main Resistance Training

Barbell Bench Press – Work up to a max set of 5-7 reps

After completing your top set drop 10% and perform one set of as many reps as possible.

Push ups – Perform 3 – 4 sets of 8 – 20 reps

Bent over row – Perform 3 – 4 sets of 8-12 reps – Superset with exercise below.

ISO hold Y-W-T – Perform 3 -4 sets of 10-20 sec hold each position

Lateral Raises – Perform 3 – 4 sets of 8-12 reps – Superset with exercise below 

Bicep Curls – Perform 3 – 4 sets of 10 reps 

Cool Down

Seal fit Yoga Shoulder Mobility Drill