Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Session 28

Its the end of another week but there is still time to set one more record. Todays Fitness for Ski Instructor Training session is going to be looking at setting a new personal best for the deadlift. Many skiers get overly focused on developing their quads and anterior muscles, the deadlift is a good indicator of the overall strength of the posterior chain and will help us ensure we do not develop any muscular imbalances.

Warm up

Agile 8

Row 500m

Main Resistance Training

Work up to a 1 rep max Deadlift – Don’t just jump in going as heavy as you can spend time gradually increasing the weight and reducing the reps until you reach the heaviest weight you can safely move through the full range of motion for one rep. Please get some one to check your form and if you do find yourself sacrificing form then stop there.


Perform 4 rounds of the following exercises – Do not time this just keep moving at a pace that works for you.

Cool down and recovery

2 mile recovery run – Run 2 miles at a pace that you could hold a conversation.

Full body stretch and foam roll