Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Session 25

Another Monday and another new week. For most fitness fanatics getting to set some new personal bests is the highlight of the year. As part of our Fitness for Ski Instructor Training programme we will be using these figures as references, targets, and indicators of progress. So go all out this week.

We are not going to be setting any records just yet though. Todays session is about prepping ourselves mentally and physically for what is coming. Getting our bodies and minds to a place where they are expecting to move powerfully.

The Warm up

Run 800m

Sealfit hip mobility drill

Main Resistance Training

Perform 6 to 8 rounds of the following circuit. Rest for around 5- 10 deep breaths between exercises (aim for 3 second inhale, 5 second exhale) Do not rest between rounds

  • Med Ball Slams – 3 Reps per round
  • Clapped Push ups – 4 Reps per round
  • Box Jumps – 5 Reps per round

The Exercises and Technique

Med ball slams

Clapped Push ups

Box Jumps

Core Resistance Training

Evil Wheels – Perform 3 sets of 10 – 20 reps

Cool down

Full body stretch and all over foam roll.

Now get a good night sleep and lets get at it tomorrow.