Fitness for Ski Instructor Training: Long & Strong 1

Another week and another 4 sessions to make sure you are fit for your ski instructor training however today sees a bit of a shift in focus. Over the last 6 weeks we have been working to just create a base level of fitness, a starting point to work from. For the next 6 weeks are are going to be looking at improving our strength levels. We also do not want to lose any of that base level cardio vascular fitness we created, so the next 6 weeks programming will also look at going long. Contrary to popular believe you can do both.

Over the next week we will also be introducing new terminology. As always we will run through anything new at the start of each session.

2,4,x,1 – When ever you see a series of numbers & letters written like this it is a short hand way of describing the tempo of a movement. The series of digits could be anything 3,0,0,1 or 6,6,x,2 but the way you interpret them is always the same.

The first digit refers to the time spent on the eccentric part of an exercise. The eccentric part is where a muscles is lengthened under tension. For example as you move from a standing position down into a squat, or as you lower your chin from above the bar in a pull up back below the bar. If the number here is 2 you spend 2 seconds making that part of the movement if it is 6 you spend 6 seconds making that part of the movement.

The second digit refers to the part of the exercise that immediately follows the eccentric part. In a squat this would be the pause at the bottom in that seated position before you drive back up. In the pull up that would be hanging with your arms completely straight. Again spend the amount of time in seconds indicated by the number in that position.

The third digit or number refers to the concentric part of the movement. This is where a muscle shortens under tension. In a squat that would be returning from the bottom to standing and in a pull up it would be moving yourself from hanging with straight arms to having your chin above the bar. If you see a number here spend the amount of time indicated in seconds performing that part of the movement. If you see an X here perform that part of the movement as explosively as possible.

The fourth and final digit refers to the part of the movement that follows the concentric phase. In a squat this would be standing, and in a pull up this would be holding yourself stationary with your chin above the bar. Again spend the amount of time in seconds here indicated by the number.

Warm Up

Agile 8

500m Row

Main Resistance Training

Six sets of 
Pause Front Squat at 2,4,X,1 tempo plus 1 Front Squat
(Perform a controlled two-second descent, then hold at the bottom for four seconds before quickly driving up to the top, then breathe, brace and perform another front squat with no tempo restrictions. Build over the course of the six sets to your heaviest set possible within the tempo guidelines. Sets listed are work sets you may want to perform a selection of warm up sets)

Every 90 seconds, for 12 minutes (8 sets):
 DB Snatch x 2 reps each arm
(Goal is perfect reps, drive through the heels and finish in full extension. Do not rest for 90 seconds between sets before going through your set up. Start a running clock perform the first 2 reps on each arm. When the clock hits 90 seconds be ready and immediately perform the next set and so on.)

Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
Back Squat x 3 reps at 70-80% of 1-Rm
(Same as above, this is not 90 seconds rest. It is 90 seconds then you must be ready to go.)

Four rounds for max reps of:

Cool Down

Sealfit Hip Mobility drill

Full body foam roll